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Green Tips For Your TV

green-tv-hp Green Tips For Your TV

Televisions are no longer a luxury item like they once were. Now, they are so commonplace that it is not unusual to find several under the same roof. And although today’s LCD TVs use less energy than the old CRTs (inch for inch), once you upsize to a larger screen, all of those energy savings are lost. Still there are some simple and easy ways to make your TV just a little bit greener.

Turn the TV off when you aren’t watching it

This may seem obvious but many people like the “background noise” that a TV offers. However it is a seriously wasteful practice and turning the TV off is a great way to save some money on your energy bills.

Unplug the TV once it’s off

This takes the first suggestion one step further to save even more energy in your home. Most people think that once the TV is off it is not using any energy, however this is not true, as televisions continue to drain small amounts of energy even when they are turned off.

Don’t sleep with the TV on

Lots of people like to fall asleep to the lulling sounds of their favorite late-night infomercial. However, not only does this waste energy, it’s also not very good for you. Scientists have determined that gadgets in bedrooms such as computers and TVs are fuelling poor quality “junk sleep”.

Turn down the brightness on your TV

Most TVs are much brighter than they need to be. Some TVs even have a home setting and a store (or showroom) setting. Make sure your TV is set to the home setting and this will reduce your TV’s energy usage. If your TV does not have these settings, turn down your brightness and possibly your contrast to reduce your TV’s energy consumption.

To test your TV energy consumption knowledge, take this fun quiz by the Sierra Club.