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Taking Twitter Home

There has been lots of tweeting going on recently from washing machines, unborn babies, TiVo and even plants that need to be watered. It’s gotten me thinking about other items in the home that should tweet. Not everybody needs reminders from their washing machine but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for such a device. And if you are plant-killer like me, you need your plant to tell you when it needs water otherwise it ends up looking like it came from the Sahara Desert or it resembles swamp-zilla.

laundry-tweet Taking Twitter Home

I mean, if your washing machine tweets at you when the wash is done then surely you need a dryer that does the same thing. The clothes can’t get moldy in the dryer but they sure can get wrinkly.

Or how about your oven? I know it has a timer built in but with today’s over-abundance of noisy gadgets, how can you hear it if you leave the room?

Maybe we should have tweeting alarm clocks. I’m serious. Lots of people hit that snooze button first thing in the morning, so if the noise was coming at you from more than one spot maybe you’d get out of bed sooner.
beer-guy Taking Twitter Home

You probably don’t need your coffee maker at home to send you a message; the aroma of hot, eye-opening java should be signal enough, but what about the coffee maker at work? If you hacked into the work coffee maker then you would always get tweeted about the freshly perked coffee instead of having to drink the 2 hour old sludge.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could set your front-door to tweet you when it opens and you’re not at home? Or your window for that matter? Would you even need a security system?

What if we thought a little bigger? Is there anyway to get something to tweet their location? That would open the door to all kinds of new GPS/ Twitter inventions, like one for your remote control or your lost luggage or your keys.

Or what about the ultimate utopia – What if you could get the fridge to tweet the beer delivery guy when the last beer has been taken out of the fridge? (Is there such a thing as a beer delivery guy? I know the local taxi driver in our town will make a beer run for you if you give him a nice tip.)

What kinds of things in your home would you like to see tweeting? And would tweeting items in your home make your life easier or just noisier?