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Outdoor Winter Fun On The Cheap

So here we are, smack dab in the middle of winter, trying to fight off the February doldrums. And we have no $$$ to get away from it all. We don’t even have any cash to buy a big, bad-ass snowmobile and make it slightly more bearable.

We have 2 options:

  1. We can hole up inside for the next 2 months.
  2. We can grab what Mother Nature serves up, make it into a snowball and throw it right back at her.

Since option 2 seems like way more fun, we’ve put together a list of “cool” activities that require little to no dough and will get you excited about being out in the snow.

Make a Snowman

This is the obvious first choice. Don’t let winter pass you by without making at least one snowman. And if the creative spirit hits you, make a snow family, snow dog, snow cat, snow bird, you get the idea… You can have a whole snow village right in your own yard.

snow_cat Outdoor Winter Fun On The Cheap

Build a Snow Fort

Make it as small or big as you like. Simple caves are perfect for little ones or get serious and make your own igloo.

snow-fort Outdoor Winter Fun On The Cheap

Make Snow Paint

You may discover that you have a few budding Picassos once you put a little food coloring and water in a spray bottle.

snow-paint Outdoor Winter Fun On The Cheap

Make Snow Angels

Perfect for freshly fallen snow.


Catch Snowflakes on Your Tongue

snowflakes Outdoor Winter Fun On The Cheap

Organize a Snowball Fight

Make teams, take cover and let loose. But remember to fight fair, no ice or slush balls.

snowball-fight Outdoor Winter Fun On The Cheap

Explore Your Local Trails

Many parks keep their trails open during the winter months so put on your mukluks and take a hike. Don’t forget your camera, you never know what wonder of nature may be lurking nearby.

Trails are also perfect for snowshoes and cross-country skis; this equipment is usually available for rent if you don’t have your own.

trail Outdoor Winter Fun On The Cheap

Identify Animal Tracks

Throw some popcorn in your yard before bedtime and then check out the tracks in the snow the next morning. See if you can identify them. Or make your own tracks in the snow and see if you can fool your friends.

rabbittracks Outdoor Winter Fun On The Cheap

Make a Simple Bird-Feeder

Find a pine cone, cover it with peanut butter and then roll it in bird seed. Hang it to a tree branch and watch as the birds flock to your yard. Keep a journal to track your feathered friends.

pineconebirdfeeder Outdoor Winter Fun On The Cheap

Go Sledding

Your need for speed can be answered with a simple crazy carpet (they don’t call them crazy for nothing). Just find the nearest hill and hang on as you careen wildly down at break-neck speed. Just remember, it’s no fun if someone breaks their leg, so play safe.

sledding Outdoor Winter Fun On The Cheap

Go Skating

Check your local arena for public skating times or go to an outdoor rink. Most arenas have rentals available if you don’t have your own skates. No arena or outdoor rink? Build your own.

outdoor_ice_rink Outdoor Winter Fun On The Cheap

Go Snowboarding or Downhill Skiing

Check the ski hill’s website for deals. Often, there are special times that have discounted rates.

snowboard Outdoor Winter Fun On The Cheap

Shovel Your Neighbor’s Walk

Teach your kids to lend a hand. It’s good for your heart in more ways than one.

shovel Outdoor Winter Fun On The Cheap

Make Some Cold Crafts:

Snowflakes on Glass – Get a piece of glass and some aerosol hairspray. Freeze the glass and the hairspray. Spray the frozen glass with the frozen hairspray and then let some snowflakes land on the glass. Bring the glass inside to thaw for 15 minutes and voila, your snowflakes will now be saved on the glass.

Ice Candle Holders – Place an empty container in a bucket of water. Put the bucket outside to freeze. Once frozen, remove the ice from the bucket and the container from the ice. Place a candle inside the ice and presto!

ice-candles Outdoor Winter Fun On The Cheap

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