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Did You Get Any Toys For Christmas?

Another Christmas has come and gone and I have to say now that I have my own kids I get fewer and fewer toys each year – OK, prior to getting the Wii last year, I can’t remember the last time I got any toys. But thanks to our Wii, we got a family gift this year, Guitar Hero World Tour with 2 guitars and a microphone.
gh-guitar-on-side1-299x111 Did You Get Any Toys For Christmas?gh-microphone1 Did You Get Any Toys For Christmas?

Now don’t get me wrong, my husband was the one who really wanted Guitar Hero (I wanted the Wii Fit – but since the Wii Fit was a rare commodity this Christmas, we ended up with a house full of blossoming rock stars.)

I’ve played Guitar Hero at a friends house a few times and we have always had fun but it really can’t compare to watching my daughter rock out to the old tunes I grew up on. She plays the base guitar on Easy (she’s pretty much ready for Medium but has yet to make the jump) while she shakes her hips, jumps up and down and throws in a random twirl for full effect. Just watching her makes me smile. She has only been playing this game for a few weeks and she is already on her way to super stardom.

guitar_hero_world_tour_rebel_yell_2-300x168 Did You Get Any Toys For Christmas?

The funny thing is, I really didn’t think this was going to be her thing. She loves to draw and write and play piano but I never thought she’d be that interested in playing Guitar Hero. It’s nice to be wrong sometimes.

I’m really glad we got the game this Christmas, it gives the whole family the chance to get rockin’ instead of just one person playing video games while everyone else watches.

If you haven’t got a Wii yet, what are you waiting for? It’s the perfect gift for any family. And if you are feeling adventurous, get Guitar Hero to go with it and soon your house will be filled with budding lead guitarists and hopeful Idol wannabes. Just make sure you have controllers for everyone and a fresh supply of batteries.

wii-300x242 Did You Get Any Toys For Christmas?ghbox-300x300 Did You Get Any Toys For Christmas?