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7 Awesome Steampunk Appliances

Of course you want to outfit your home with nice appliances –  everyone wants that. But what if you want more than what Home Depot can offer? What if you want your appliances to look like they came straight from a science-fiction subgenre of post-gothic speculative fantasy?

Well, kind squires and ladies, allow our automaton butler to take your top hat and cashmere rag-cloak. Affix your mechanized monocles so you can more closely examine our list of the 7 awesome Steampunk appliances that we’ve found online.

7.  The News Brews

steampunk-coffee-machine 7 Awesome Steampunk Appliances

Steaming hot java and the morning newspaper seem like the last refuge before starting the daily grind. However few get to partake in this domesticated bliss in today’s time-crunch culture.

What if you could combine the two luxuries in your travel-mug as you head out the door?

The News Brews percolates your coffee from beans grown in the regions that are mentioned in today’s news feeds and it adjusts the beans proportions based on the frequency of mentions. The news has never been so “infolicious”.

6.  Victorian All-in-One PC

steampunk-computer 7 Awesome Steampunk Appliances

Made of new and old parts (including some from the dump), this fully-functional machine has everything you’d expect from a PC, but with more soldered copper, bronze, brass, and aluminum gears than may actually be necessary.

The keyboard was repainted and the keys were plucked out to accommodate vintage typewriter keys.

We’re guessing a shiny tangle of cogs wired to the machine was built in the same fashion. See more at the Steampunk Workshop.

5.  Copper Pipe Fixtures Lamp

steampunk-cooper-lamp 7 Awesome Steampunk AppliancesProfessor Fzz is an Aethernet engineer and spends his free time doodling and dreaming about steam locomotives. He’s created several copper pipe lighting mechanisms, as well as, egg cannons and rockets. Ste-amazing!

4.  Blood Transfusion Device

blood-transfusion-device-231x300 7 Awesome Steampunk Appliances

This odd contraption, looking like a sanguine-filled music box, was a prop blood transfusion device built by for the cult classic Vampyr, produced by Red Scream. An ornate hand-crank moves the gears that pump blood through the tubes to the taps.

3.  Trash Boiler

steampunk-boiler-225x300 7 Awesome Steampunk Appliances

Built by inventor (and Flickr user) Boilermonster, this is the only garbage incinerator we’ve ever seen that wasn’t completely offensive. Here’s Boilermonster running down the specs: “This is a Lamont style boiler, having about 150′ of 3/8 tubing. I have hydro tested it to 125lbs and run it at about 50lb. This was designed to process grey water at B-man so we would have fresh water for our steam car and other uses.”

2.  Concertina Adjustable Reading Lamp

steampunk-concertina-300x188 7 Awesome Steampunk Appliances

These reading lamps, from The Antique Lighting Company, will add a Victorian veneer to any nightstand, ensuring sweet Steampunk dreams after the lights are switched off.

1.  Edison-lit Vanity Mirror

steampunk-sink-alcove-225x300 7 Awesome Steampunk Appliances

Via the indispensable Steampunk Home, this sink/vanity mirror combo is the best way to apply your eyeliner in the morning. Note the eerily accurate Edison-bulb lighting to add a perfectly pasty burnt-orange glow to your skin.

For more cool Steampunk DIYs, check out the Steampunk Gear Flickr group. Or else just go to Boing Boing, which needs to just admit that it’s basically a Steampunk fan-fiction site.