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15 Advantages To Being Broke

In tough economic times everyone is feeling the financial pinch and for some it is no longer a pinch but an all out squeeze. Times like this call for squeezing back and turning lemons into lemonade.
squeezing-lemon 15 Advantages To Being Broke

Instead of crying over your empty wallet, maybe you can find a new use for it. Get resourceful, creative and think outside of the box, maybe there’s a bright side to being broke.

  1. Since you’ve canceled your magazine subscriptions, your mail carrier is much happier and smiles more often.
  2. You get to meet your local librarian. She can show you where to find all of the newest books and magazines for Free.
  3. Now you’ll finally learn how to cook since you can’t afford to go out to eat anymore.
  4. No more line-ups at the drive through or waiting at the restaurant. Service at home is as quick as you can make it.
  5. No more fast food means healthier eating.
  6. No more wrong-number cell phone calls in the middle of the night since you canceled your service.
  7. No more studying the markets to figure out where to invest your hard earned cash. There’s none to invest.
  8. You’ll get more exercise now that you’re biking to work.
  9. There is no more stress caused by searching for the perfect babysitter or juggling all of your social engagements. Staying home means no worries!
  10. Watch all of those old movies you bought years ago and laugh all over again now that you’ve canceled your cable or satellite service.
  11. No more spoiling your children by buying them everything they want. You are now teaching them the value of a dollar.
  12. You can spend the week-end in your pjs since you don’t have to take the kids to basketball practice or skating lessons.
  13. Teach your kids creativity by making your own playdoh or potato stamps. New homemade toys are still new toys.
  14. Shop at the local thrift store. You can get a whole new outfit for under $10. Even designer labels are a bargain so you can spend less but still look like you spent a fortune.
  15. Repairing your broken fridge or patching torn jeans instead of replacing them is helping the environment by keeping stuff out of the landfills.

happy-face-mask 15 Advantages To Being Broke