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12 Freaky Fetish Museums

12 Freaky Fetish Museums

Don’t bother with regular, stuffy, old museums full of rotting bones, boring rocks and paintings by dead Europeans. Instead, expand your mind with the fascinating wonders of odd socks, carrots, and land mammal genitalia. Come and take a mind-blowing tour of some of the most freakishly weird museums in the world.

12. The Museum of Bad Art

Location: Dedham, MA

museumbadartfull1 12 Freaky Fetish Museums

There are thousands of museums dedicated to artists like Van Gough, Picasso, and Da Vinci, but what about those who have no talent? The Museum of Bad Art, held at the Dedham Community Theater, proudly showcases terrible works of ‘art’ created by the talentless, the colorblind, and those suffering from hand tremors.

If you’ve never been able to color in the lines, you’ve now found a place that will happily display a portrait of your cat, Peter the Kitty.

museumba1-185x300 12 Freaky Fetish Museums

Is he hungry or contemplating his place in a hungry world? So profound.

11. The Museum of Odd Socks

Location: Virtual

museumoddsocksfull1 12 Freaky Fetish Museums

Although this museum is certainly not comprehensive, it doesn’t disappoint on its name. The Museum of Odd Socks proudly displays various lonely socks created by sockknitters ‘round the globe. With names like Ugly Midget, The Toeless Wonder and Unspun Hero, it becomes pretty obvious each odd sock has an extraordinary tale to tell.

But what of the whereabouts of the missing socks or the legendary tale of the dryer thief? Sadly, the Museum of Odd Socks gives us no answers, only more questions.

museumsock2 12 Freaky Fetish Museums

A classic spiral tube sock inexplicably called ‘My Dog’.

10. The Erotic Museum

Location: Paris, France

museumerotic 12 Freaky Fetish Museums

If you’ve ever dreamed of a place that houses every sexually lewd, crude, giggle-inducing, taboo piece of erotic art, The Erotic Museum in Paris is for you. From satirical to serious, historic and modern views of sex are portrayed through statues, sculptures, paintings, and more. The museum has seven floors available for viewing pleasure, all devoted to the miracle of making babies.

museume1 12 Freaky Fetish Museums

Erotic smurf art perhaps?

9. The Torture Museum

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

museumfulltorture1 12 Freaky Fetish Museums

For the masochist in us all, the Torture Museum offers an exhilarating glimpse into the painful, ancient methods of human torture and torment. It delivers a very painful, stomach-turning experience and it’s not recommended as part of a family vacation itinerary.

museumtorture1 12 Freaky Fetish Museums

The ‘Skull Cracker’

8. Virtual Banana Museum

Location: Auburn, Washington

museumbananafull2 12 Freaky Fetish Museums

They’re going bananas over at the Virtual Banana Museum! Anna ‘Banana’, apparently a longtime scholar of banana consciousness, has created an entire virtual museum as well as an antique store dedicated to what she calls “the perfect fruit – the BANANA”.

From books, pictures, and banana factoids to questionable Tupperware and frightening toys, this museum is undoubtedly and insanely dedicated to the banana. Ok, so maybe it really is the most popular fruit in America, but that’s still no excuse.

museumbanana1 12 Freaky Fetish Museums

mmm, deliciously crazy.

7. World Carrot Museum

Location: Virtual

museumsscarrot 12 Freaky Fetish Museums

Now that you’ve had your fill of fruit, why not have some veggies at the World Carrot Museum? Another example of someone’s favorite food turned freaky fetish, the Carrot Museum offers a bowl full a fun with carrot art, carrot musical instruments, and medical advice that has not been verified by a real doctor. Who could ask for more?

Ok, so this guy is actually pretty cool, but the museum still sucks.

6. Toilet Museum

Location: Virtual

museumsstoilet2 12 Freaky Fetish Museums

While most of us think of our toilets as nothing more than a place to drop a load, there is one special place where the toilet is cherished as the porcelain throne it really is – the Toilet Museum. Dubbed as “a roadside attraction on the information highway, dedicated to toilets-in-art”, you can find out more than you’ve ever wanted to know about the john, the loo, the crapper, or the can.

Let Col. Chris Hatfield take you on an out-of-this-world exploration of space toilets or catch up on the zany antics of Xena, the Turd Burglar. It’s a whirlpool of fun at the Toilet Museum.

museumt1 12 Freaky Fetish Museums

It’s true!

5. Paris Sewers Museum

Location: Paris, France

museumsewersfull4 12 Freaky Fetish Museums

Naturally, after finding out all there is to know at the Toilet Museum, this one should be next on your list. The Paris Sewer Museum, which is dedicated entirely to the sewer system of Paris, gives you an up close and personal view of where yesterday’s burrito went after you flushed.

Although the sewer system in Paris is one of the most sophisticated in the world, pictures would still do it justice without spending an afternoon smelling human waste.

museumps2 12 Freaky Fetish Museums

See, we’re learning without burning our nostrils.

4. Toaster Museum

Location: Virtual

museumtoasterfull2 12 Freaky Fetish Museums

Q: Do people want to tour an online Toaster Museum? A: No. Apparently, the reason for such a place is that the toaster offers an “unique opportunity to gather some fascinating artifacts from the 20th Century… and they simply uplift one’s spirits!”.

So basically these guys are saying the toaster gives us an insight into the industrial design and cultural trends of the 20th century. Oh, and they make us really happy. That’s an awful lot for a small kitchen appliance to live up to.

museumtt2 12 Freaky Fetish Museums

Forget insulin, forget landing on the moon. This is our greatest achievement.

3. Museum of Parasitology

Location: Tokyo, Japan

museumparasitefull2 12 Freaky Fetish Museums

No, that’s not some class you skipped in college. The Museum of Parasitology, located in Tokyo, is devoted to the research and education of parasites. Excuse me for a moment while I try and relax the gag building in my throat. *Ahem*

The museum curators ask one simple question. What images come to mind when you hear the term “parasite”? Perhaps images that inspire fear or make you feel sick in your stomach? In one word, yes. If your stomach is churning at the thought of intestinal tapeworms, scabies, crabs, and anything else that wants to burrow into the body, then leave this off the list.

museumpp1 12 Freaky Fetish Museums

Don’t be afraid, I’m just misunderstood.

2. Icelandic Phallological Museum

Location: Húsavík, Iceland

museumphallusfull1 12 Freaky Fetish Museums

Do you know what Phallological means? (Hint – phallus). That’s right, the Icelandic Phallological Museum is the only museum in the world devoted entirely to male genitals. Their collection contains over one hundred penises and penile parts of most Icelandic land and sea mammals.

In addition to the biological section of the museum, there is also a collection of oddments and other practical utensils related to penises. For more info, check out the frightening images on the site.

museumphallus3 12 Freaky Fetish Museums

Beautiful, isn’t it?

1. Museum of Menstruation

Location: Virtual

museummumfull1 12 Freaky Fetish Museums

The Museum of Menstruation definitely trumps all other weird museums. There are really no words to describe some of the horrors this place offers. Clothing made from menstruation cups, slippers made from pads, vivid art, expressions such as “uterine jihad”, and for some unsettling reason, a section dedicated to cats.

museumm1 12 Freaky Fetish Museums

Available in Men and Woman sizes.