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10 Bizarre But Useful Appliance Combinations

In a world of high consumer demand and market competition, manufactures are constantly looking for ways to break the mold and create unique products that will appeal to buyers. Unfortunately, many of these mold-breaking creations end up as massive failures on a Most Useless Inventions list. The appliance industry, however, seems to have struck gold with a recent slew of strange appliances that are actually pretty handy. Say goodbye to the noodle hair guards and personal rain savers, and say to hello 10 bizarre but useful appliance combinations.

1.    Microwave Oven & Toaster

combo-1 10 Bizarre But Useful Appliance Combinations

It’s probably one of the most debated decisions during small appliance purchasing – microwave oven or toaster? Both have their own set of perks and a lot of people just end up buying both, but for a home that’s low on counter space or funds, you will ultimately have to decide which is more important. That was until LG decided to take the best from both worlds and develop a combination Microwave Oven & Toaster. Now families around the world can enjoy evenly toasted bagels and perfectly cooked pizza pops at the same time.

2.    Radio & Toaster

combo-2 10 Bizarre But Useful Appliance Combinations

Who doesn’t like to start the day with a slice of toast and the morning news? Well, thanks to Hammacher Schlemmer, you can now enjoy both AM pleasures with one energy-saving, space-saving appliance, the Radio Toaster. It comes with all the usual bells and whistles of both appliances but it’s all packed into one cool looking design. It guarantees perfectly toasted bread every time and even has a removable crumble tray for easy clean up. What more could you ask for?

3.    Coffee & Egg Toastenator

combo-41 10 Bizarre But Useful Appliance Combinations

How about an appliance that not only makes your toast, but brews your coffee and fries your egg too? You can thank the always-clever Japanese and their forward thinking for this ultimate three-in-one breakfast making machine. This little space-efficient wonder has a coffee machine on one side, a toaster oven on the other and a mini griddle on the top to help you save time and energy – both in high demand during the morning routine.

4.    In-sink Dishwasher

combo-3 10 Bizarre But Useful Appliance Combinations

Another perfect combination for those who don’t have a lot of room to spare is the In-Sink Dishwasher from KitchenAid. It’s the only one like it on the market and comes with a pretty hefty price tag – $1,800.00 – but for singles or couples living in tight quarters, this could be a practical addition. The racks are removable so you can still use the sink and it comes with a cutting board on top for even more space saving. But unless your hate for washing dishes by hand is worth $1,800, we suggest putting off purchasing one of these until the price drops a bit… or a lot.

5.    Refrigerator & Range

combo-5 10 Bizarre But Useful Appliance Combinations

Like light and dark or big and small, there are some things that just can’t be mixed together but thanks to Whirlpool, hot and cold are no longer one of those. The Whirlpool Gold Polara is a combination range and refrigerator that will keep your food fresh and cool all day long and then cook it to perfection just in time for supper. It comes with a fully functional cooktop and is ideal for busy families that don’t have time to thaw and cook meals.

6.    Refrigerator & Microwave

combo-6 10 Bizarre But Useful Appliance Combinations

Options for stacked, space-saving appliances are no longer limited to the washer and dryer. You can now purchase a Summit Refrigerator/Microwave combination to help save room with two home appliance necessities. Simply stacked with the refrigerator on the bottom and microwave on top, this is an exceptionally functional and affordable appliance combination.

7.    Pasta Maker Station

combo-7 10 Bizarre But Useful Appliance Combinations

Perfect for chefs or anyone who loves to cook and eat Italian food, the Zanussi Pasta Station is an all-in-one, buffet-style pasta makin’ station. It allows you to combine a variety of appliances such as pasta cookers, electric ranges, ovens, a Bain Marie (double boiler), storage cupboards and more into one unit for a professional cooking experience.

8.    Toilet & Washer

combo-8 10 Bizarre But Useful Appliance Combinations

Lovingly called the ‘Washup’, the combo appliance industry has entered a whole new frontier with this toilet-washer combo. After the initial ‘Ew’ factor wears off, the idea behind this appliance is actually very intelligent. The water used to wash your clothes is reused to flush the toilet. It’s sustainable, eco-friendly and because of its stacked design, space saving so it’s perfect for apartments or any home looking to ‘go green’ and save on their water bill.

9.    Tea Maker & Life Line

combo-9 10 Bizarre But Useful Appliance Combinations

Give another nod to the innovative Japanese for this combination Tea Maker & Life Line. The weird mix may have you confused but like most Japanese inventions, the idea behind it is pretty smart. It was designed to give peace of mind to those worried about their (tea drinking) elderly parents who live alone by sending an alert via email or cellphone message when the tea maker is being used. It will let you know when it was turned on and how long it has been keeping warm, allowing you to know that your parents are safe and sound.

10.    Dishwasher & Oven/Cooktop

combo-10 10 Bizarre But Useful Appliance Combinations

Carad has developed the Frankenstein of all combination appliances – a fully functional three-in-one dishwasher, oven and cooktop for the really space-deficient home. Currently available for purchase, it has a dishwasher with a 27 cm dinner plate capacity on the bottom, an oven in the middle, and a hot plate cooktop on top. Pick up one of these with a refrigerator-microwave combo and your kitchen will be complete!