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How Real Men Cook

Let’s be honest – real men hate cooking. Don’t get me wrong – we like grilling, barbequing and marinating, hell; we don’t even mind occasionally boiling a pot of water. But when it comes to aprons, whisks and words like ‘béchamel’, ‘demi-glace’ or ‘flambé’, we want no part of it. Unfortunately for mankind everywhere, we […]

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12 Freaky Fetish Museums

12 Freaky Fetish Museums Don’t bother with regular, stuffy, old museums full of rotting bones, boring rocks and paintings by dead Europeans. Instead, expand your mind with the fascinating wonders of odd socks, carrots, and land mammal genitalia. Come and take a mind-blowing tour of some of the most freakishly weird museums in the world. […]

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The 7 Most ‘American’ Places Outside US

Americans are known to work hard and play even harder. That’s why when they’re exhausted from their 9-5’s, they like to relax, kick up their feet and take a vacation to get away from the daily stresses. What if Americans could jet off to some place that offers an exotic twist but still maintains the […]

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9 Out Of This World Home Theaters

Do THX subwoofers and 18-inch floor standing speakers make your heart race? Does the thought of watching T’Pol or 7 of 9 on a 140-inch wide screen HDTV give you shivers? Is there anything better than watching the Death Star blow up while being nestled between a surround sound system powered by 8 amplifiers? What […]

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21 Cool Toilet Paper Roll Creations

The toilet paper roll is the unsung hero of the bathroom. It stoically does its job day after day without any sign of recognition. Firmly keeping the toilet paper in place and making sure it is easily accessible when you need it the most. And then once the toilet paper is gone the lowly toilet […]

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Look Out It’s a Bear…. Sleeping Bag

Cure your fear of bears by pretending you are the mighty hunter and have slayed the terrifying bear. Then strut around the room wearing the huge bearskin to show off your prowess. OR take the sleeping bag camping and you can scare the be-jezuz out of your friends when they wake up next to you. […]

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10 Bizarre But Useful Appliance Combinations

In a world of high consumer demand and market competition, manufactures are constantly looking for ways to break the mold and create unique products that will appeal to buyers. Unfortunately, many of these mold-breaking creations end up as massive failures on a Most Useless Inventions list. The appliance industry, however, seems to have struck gold […]

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