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14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Concept appliances give us a peek into the future. They are often aesthetically pleasing and offer interesting and unique features; however, it is a rare concept appliance that makes it off of the drawing board and into the showroom. Unrealistic designs, high production costs and lack of consumer demand are often the reason for many ideas to be scrapped.

Yet, here are 14 interesting concept appliances that have made it to the model stage and look so good that we hope they go into development soon.


The iBasket is a hamper/washer/dryer combo. The transparent iBasket stores your dirty clothes. Once filled, the automatic wash and dry cycle begins. After it has finished drying, the iBasket will send you an email or text message to let you know it’s done.

ibasket 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Why do consumers need the iBasket?

The iBasket saves time and energy as you’ll never have to transfer your clothes from the hamper to the washer to the dryer again. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your lucky shirt being dirty when you need it for a special occasion.


  • Transparent body
  • Built-in air refresh system that removes the smell of dirty clothes
  • Wi-Fi enabled to help you monitor it from your PC or laptop

ibasket-details 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

The one drawback to the iBasket is that it is very small. It has a capacity of approximately 3-5 kg which works out to be around 3 t-shirts and 2 trousers.


The FlatShare refrigerator is made up of a single base station and up to 4 stackable modules. Each module is a self-contained unit so no one will need to deal with other roommates’ rotting leftovers and failed science projects. The modules are designed with a tall section for bottles, a spot for produce, and a small freezer for frozen items.

flatshare 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Why do consumers need the FlatShare?

Living with roommates can be fun and exciting until it comes time to clean the fridge. The FlatShare avoids potential conflicts by keeping each person’s food and mess separate.


  • Customizable color skins
  • Bottle openers
  • White board
  • A handle on the side of the module for easy transport


Coox is a mobile cooking table that lets users cook and eat wherever they like. Not only does it cook the food, it can also be an extension of the dinner table or desk since the table legs are adjustable. The Coox uses induction technology so once you are done cooking, the surface cools immediately to prevent burns.

coox1 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Why do consumers need the Coox?

Everyone is on the go these days, looking for new and improved ways to save time. The Coox is perfect for someone who works through lunch or eats at their desk while trying to finish up last minute projects. They can prepare themselves a hot snack or keep their tea warm without having to go to the kitchen.


  • Adjustable height
  • Induction technology
  • 3-burner glass ceramic cooking surface
  • Cools down immediately after the cooking process has stopped
  • Warming area on one corner
  • Portable
  • Concept Appliance Parts Available

coox2 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made


The E-Bag is a portable cooler bag that works by using human energy. The E-Bag’s cooling system is powered by someone swinging it back and forth as they walk. So, the longer the walk, the cooler the E-Bag gets. The E-Bag’s rotating handle charges the battery with the user’s arm motion. The cooling system uses so-called Peltier technology, a kind of solid-state heat pump that transfers heat from one side of the device to the other.

ebag 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Why do consumers need the E-Bag?

This bag is environmentally friendly as it uses no external energy source. It’s perfect for picnics, walks in the park or an outing at the beach. And if you’re tired, don’t worry, kids have energy to burn. Let them carry it for awhile.


  • Capacity is approximately 3 liters
  • 3 LED lights indicate beverage coldness
  • No batteries required

Pure Washer

Pure Washer is a rotating dual sink that acts as a sink and dishwasher. The two sinks are designed so that only one sink is exposed at a time. After the dishes have been put into it; the exposed sink rotates under the counter to expose another sink that is exactly the same as the first. Pure Washer washes the dishes under the counter with degassed water – no detergent required. There is also a cycle for washing fruits and vegetables.

pure-washer 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Why do consumers need the Pure Washer?

Pure Washer is perfect for the single person who lives on their own. Freshly soiled dishes are easy to clean so each wash will only take a few minutes. Plus, it is a space saver since there is no need for a sink and dishwasher.


  • Dish cycle
  • Fruit and vegetable cycle
  • Reduces water consumption
  • Reduces energy used
  • No detergent required

Nevale Food Carrier

The Nevale Food Carrier is designed to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold, all in the same container. It is built with 4 independent layers that have their own independent heating and cooling system. The digital display provides information on the conditions of each layer and can be programmed to reheat a certain layer at specific times.

food-carrier-electrolux-nevale 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Why do consumers need the Nevale?

Today’s busy lifestyle makes it hard to eat healthy, home-cooked meals. The Nevale lets you carry a wholesome hot or cold lunch with you wherever you go. It can even be programmed to re-heat your main course for you while still keeping your dessert chilly.


  • Can hold up to 4 different types of hot and/or cold food
  • Programmable digital control screen
  • Each layer operates independently of the others
  • Uses a plug or rechargeable battery
  • Vacuum storage system keeps food safe from bacteria

Organic Cook

The Organic Cook is a compact, table-top appliance that can grill, boil or fry. It uses high-efficiency radiant energy that sends high frequency electromagnetic waves to cook while the vacuum system ensures that the food retains its flavor. This technology means that your food is ready in a fraction of the time required for traditional cooking.

organic-cook-electrolux 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Why do consumers need the Organic Cook?

The Organic Cook offers healthy oil-free frying, grilling and boiling, all in one portable appliance. The food is cooked in a fraction of the time and retains all of its natural flavors, plus it’s easy to use.


  • Internal cooking pad offers flexible cooking options – grill, boil or fry
  • Infrared technology and vacuum cooking
  • Intuitive touch sensitive cooking selector
  • Prepares food in a fraction of the time
  • Portable


The VESSTO portable stove is an environmentally friendly appliance that uses an advanced version of the Stirling Engine to power itself. Once the small battery gets the VESSTO at a high enough temperature, the Stirling engine can run by itself by using heat from the stove to expand and contract small quantities of gas inside. The aluminum base plate protects any surface it is placed on and it is also a key component of the Stirling engine as it helps to disperse the heat and reuse it.

portable-stove-electrolux-vessto 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Why do consumers need the VESSTO?

The VESSTO stove is the perfect way to reduce energy consumption in your home. The simple control panel makes it easy to use and it even has a sleep function that automatically switches off the stove after a specific amount of time. It is compact and lightweight enough to take anywhere, including outdoors.


  • Renewable energy power source
  • Extremely quiet
  • Easy to read control panel can display recipes, notes or other downloadable cooking information
  • Sleep function
  • Ceramic coating for easy cleaning
  • Portable
  • Aluminum base plate
  • Offered in red, yellow, blue and black

Go Fresh Fridge

The Go Fresh Fridge is made up of a main frame that houses 12 removable, temperature-controlled compartments. The food is identified by scanning a picture of it and then the compartment automatically sets the optimal temperature for that type of food. Once the compartment reaches the correct temperature, the cold air inlet closes to save on energy consumption.

Go Fresh

Why do consumers need the Go Fresh Fridge?

The Go Fresh Fridge saves energy and increases the lifespan of your food (which in turn should reduce food waste) and this is good for the environment. In addition, it is so cool looking that you will be the envy of all your friends (if not, then at least it is a great conversation piece).


  • Energy efficient
  • Removable, insulated compartments
  • Increases the lifespan of your food since it is stored at optimal temperatures
  • Food odors cannot seep into other compartments

go-fresh-2 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Rockpool Waterless Dishwasher

The Rockpool Waterless Dishwasher uses no water or chemicals; instead it uses super critical carbon dioxide in a closed loop system. The carbon dioxide is pressurized into a liquid with excellent grease and oil fighting properties. The carbon dioxide then combines with a small amount of environmentally friendly detergent to get the dishes clean. Once the washing cycle is finished, the carbon dioxide and dirt are separated so that the carbon dioxide can be used again.

rockpool_dishwasher 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Why do consumers need the Rockpool Dishwasher?

The Rockpool dishwasher takes an existing technology and puts it to good use in one of the most used appliances in the home. The closed loop system means that the carbon dioxide gets used over and over again while the dishwasher never uses a drop of water.


  • Closed loop system means that the carbon dioxide gets used again and again
  • Very quiet
  • Simple user interface


The NFridge has a modular design composed of small, stackable refrigeration cubes. Each piece is self-contained and works independently of the others. It uses magnetic refrigeration that produces a constant cold, faster than conventional refrigerators.

nfridge2 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Why do consumers need the NFridge?

Not only does the NFridge use an earth-friendly cooling system, but the cold air is not released from the entire fridge when you remove an item. The modular design is perfect for people with large or small families. You can purchase the number of cubes you need and you don’t need to cool any cubes you aren’t using.


  • Space saving design
  • See-though modular compartments
  • Soft touch operating digital membrane
  • Magnetic refrigeration
  • Resistant to dust and water
  • Available in a variety of colors

nfridge3 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Fog Shower

The Fog Shower is a showerhead that uses approximately 2 liters of water for a 5 minute shower. It does this by creating a fog or vapor flow of microscopic water droplets. The water is heated into water vapor which is then directed onto the person showering. An intelligent sensor sends the water in different directions based on the person’s movements.

Fog Shower

Why do consumers need the Fog Shower?

The Fog Shower is a simple and easy way to reduce your water consumption by 18 liters/day which adds up to over 6500 liters/year. And since there is less water to heat up, you will reduce your energy consumption too.


  • Reduces water usage
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Intelligent sensor


The Agbot is a solar-powered robot that can fertilize your lawn, plant seeds and guard your house at night. Its built-in GPS plots out the lay of the land in order to fulfill these tasks. In fact, its security system is so advanced that it will take a picture of an intruder and send it to you via email all before the intruder even knows he’s been spotted.

agbot 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Why do consumers need the Agbot?

The security system alone is a great reason to get an Agbot. Its motion detector, night-vision camera and alarm system will make any intruder think twice before breaking into your home. And if you require lawn maintenance, the Agbot can take care of that for you too.


  • Takes 40 seconds per planting
  • The fertilizer system is designed to avoid inconsistent dispersal that causes lawn burn
  • Solar powered
  • Speed as fast as 6 miles/hour
  • Night vision camera on a 360 degree swivel
  • High-frequency alarm system
  • Advanced motion detector
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Built-in GPS
  • Bluetooth

The Agbot still needs some improvements since its battery only lasts for 4 hours. However the programmers are continuing to make improvements and expect the Agbot to run longer in the near future. They also have plans to expand its functionality and make it customizable for the consumer’s individual needs.

A short video about AgBot.

Bra Dryer

The Bra Dryer is a unique appliance that has the sole purpose of drying bras. Bras are made of wiring, fabric and padding that can be damaged using conventional dryers. The Bra Dryer’s patent-pending design preserves the bras shape while using a gentle infrared heat source that evaporates moisture from the bra fabric while silent fans inside the appliance remove the moisture.

bra-dryer 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Why do consumers need the bra dryer?

Bras can be very expensive and need special care. Therefore they need a special dryer to keep them from getting damaged by conventional dryers. Air drying takes far too long and blow drying your bra is inconvenient, time consuming and never does a really great job.


  • Comes in a variety of cup and chest sizes to fit every woman’s needs
  • Can be used with all types of bras
  • Available in black and white

black-bra-dryer 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Plans are in place to start producing the bra dryer in 2010. It will also be available in a modular variation, thus letting you dry multiple bras at the same time.