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These Are Not Your Grandmother’s Eco-Appliances

Eco-friendly products are becoming mainstream as consumers demand greener versions of everyday items. Manufacturers have finally begun to meet the challenge as more and more eco-friendly products hit the marketplace. And these are not your grandmother’s “green” products that used to be back-breaking and labor intensive. These are cutting-edge products that combine environmental concern and […]

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Rental In Quiet Neighborhood

The current economy is pushing entrepreneurs to become more creative. Some are even trying to take advantage of the continued increase in foreclosures. However, not all rentals are created equal. I bet the ad reads “Spacious, lots of green grass, quiet neighborhood.” Thanks to our friends over at for sharing this brand new rental […]

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7 Awesome Steampunk Appliances

Of course you want to outfit your home with nice appliances –  everyone wants that. But what if you want more than what Home Depot can offer? What if you want your appliances to look like they came straight from a science-fiction subgenre of post-gothic speculative fantasy? Well, kind squires and ladies, allow our automaton […]

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8 Most Famous Nude Resorts

Although most popular in Europe, nudism (or naturism) has become widely accepted around the globe with nudie havens popping up everywhere. In the US, going in the buff is a booming tourist industry that accounts for $400 million a year and with options to bare your buns at resorts, beaches, cruises, with the family or […]

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Too Broke For a Vacation? Take a Stay-cation

Your budget is stretched, you’re feeling stressed, your to-do list is longer than your arm, AND your boss is driving you crazy. You really NEED a vacation. Funny thing is, vacations can add to your stress. There’s planning, packing, getting to the airport and dealing with security, or endless driving and potential road-rage; and you […]

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How Real Men Cook

Let’s be honest – real men hate cooking. Don’t get me wrong – we like grilling, barbequing and marinating, hell; we don’t even mind occasionally boiling a pot of water. But when it comes to aprons, whisks and words like ‘béchamel’, ‘demi-glace’ or ‘flambé’, we want no part of it. Unfortunately for mankind everywhere, we […]

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12 Freaky Fetish Museums

12 Freaky Fetish Museums Don’t bother with regular, stuffy, old museums full of rotting bones, boring rocks and paintings by dead Europeans. Instead, expand your mind with the fascinating wonders of odd socks, carrots, and land mammal genitalia. Come and take a mind-blowing tour of some of the most freakishly weird museums in the world. […]

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