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Your Toast Will Never Be The Same

It’s simple, it’s quick, and it’s the perfect compliment to a bacon and eggs breakfast. That’s right, I’m talking about toast. With just the push of a button and a few minutes of your time, you can transform regular, old bread into golden, toasted goodness. Look inside any kitchen and you’re bound to find a […]

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15 Advantages To Being Broke

In tough economic times everyone is feeling the financial pinch and for some it is no longer a pinch but an all out squeeze. Times like this call for squeezing back and turning lemons into lemonade. Instead of crying over your empty wallet, maybe you can find a new use for it. Get resourceful, creative […]

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Green Tips For Your TV

Televisions are no longer a luxury item like they once were. Now, they are so commonplace that it is not unusual to find several under the same roof. And although today’s LCD TVs use less energy than the old CRTs (inch for inch), once you upsize to a larger screen, all of those energy savings […]

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Dumpster Diving Freegan-Style

Freegans are a close relative to the vegan movement and form their name from two words, “free” and “vegan”. Like their vegan cousins, Freegans avoid buying anything that may have contributed or promoted to the mistreatment of humans, land, and animals. However, they take the vegan concept one-step farther by avoiding consumerism, which they believe […]

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That Appliance Is One Smart Cookie

When most homeowners think of Smart Homes, they think high-tech electronics, sophisticated security systems and high installation costs. While this is generally true, many smart appliances can achieve smart home goals without breaking the bank. Large Smart Home upgrades can require major restructuring to the home’s electrical system and can cost between $10,000 – $250,000, […]

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