The Armoire Kitchen Is All Your Kitchen Will Ever Need

Manufacturers have been developing combo appliances and all-in-one kitchen units for years now and many homeowners have been thankful for the dual or triple functions these space saving units can provide.

However, many of these units look cumbersome or awkward when actually placed in the kitchen. That was, until YesterTec developed the Armoire Kitchen.

armoirekitchenclosed The Armoire Kitchen Is All Your Kitchen Will Ever Need

This seven feet tall by six feet wide maple cabinet appears to be just a beautiful storage piece, but when the doors are folded back, it reveals an entire kitchen unit. Complete with stainless steel sink, microwave with hood, 2 burner cooktop, refrigerator/freezer combo, dishwasher, and of course countertop space and shelving for any pantry items, this unit is an incredibly efficient, self-contained kitchen.

armoirekitchenopen The Armoire Kitchen Is All Your Kitchen Will Ever Need

The Armoire Kitchen is refreshingly simple and clean, and offers a wonderful way of saving space without compromising on features or functionality. The starting price for this cabinet is around $9,300.00, but considering how much each of these appliances would cost separately, it’s a pretty good price. Plus, it’s portable so if you need to move, you can take the Armoire Kitchen with you.

Design Pick - Concealed Doors from Space San Diego

February 16, 2009 by Natalie  
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Surfing the web, day after day, I come across a lot of very creative and space-efficient home designs. While many are worthy of talking about, one in particular got me really excited. It’s the ‘concealed door’ from Space San Diego, a space planning and interior design company.

Concealed doors convert any existing door in your home into a fully functional built-in bookcase, while still allowing you to access to the room. This idea is not only space-efficient and offers an incredible way to increase storage space, but it’s also really freakin’ cool. It’s like a personal secret passageway right in your own home! Check out more pictures and details at their website.

concealeddoors Design Pick - Concealed Doors from Space San Diego