Paint Your Appliance Pink and Help Fight Breast Cancer

June 30, 2009 by Natalie  
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It’s not ever day that a sweepstakes comes along that lets you help a good cause and win some cool prizes, so we wanted to help announce Paint Your Appliance Pink!

Officially kicking off July 1, 2009 and hosted by online appliance parts retailer,, Paint Your Appliance Pink is an effort to help spread awareness and raise $10,000 for Breast Cancer Research. Oh and did I mention the prizes? There’s also three Pink Prize Packages up for grabs!

Here’s the basic run down. If you want to enter, all you have to do is show your support for Breast Cancer Research by painting a pink ribbon on any major appliance in your home. (Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be huge and no, it doesn’t have to be painted on the front).

Once you’ve Picasso-ed your appliance, send PartSelect a photo of your artwork by:

For every valid photo entry they receive, PartSelect will donate $25.00 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, up to a maximum of $10,000. All entries must be received by September, 30 2009.

But it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also be entered to win one of three Pink Prize Packages (valued at $369.97)!

Pink Prize Package

Draws will be held on August 3, 2009, September 3, 2009, and October 3, 2009. The sweepstake is open to residents of Canada and the United States. You can check out the full details and official rules at Paint Your Appliance Pink.

So grab a paint brush and your favorite shade of pink and make sure PartSelect reaches their goal of $10,000.

These Are Not Your Grandmother’s Eco-Appliances

April 30, 2009 by Gwen  
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eco-appliances-hp These Are Not Your Grandmothers Eco-Appliances

Eco-friendly products are becoming mainstream as consumers demand greener versions of everyday items. Manufacturers have finally begun to meet the challenge as more and more eco-friendly products hit the marketplace. And these are not your grandmother’s “green” products that used to be back-breaking and labor intensive. These are cutting-edge products that combine environmental concern and modern day convenience.

2-Slice Eco Toaster

eco-toaster-300x255 These Are Not Your Grandmothers Eco-Appliances

The Eco Toaster cooks your toast quicker and with 34% less electricity than conventional toasters. The innovative, auto-close lid keeps the heat in, which makes your toast cook faster. The toaster also has a variable bread width function which means that you don’t have to give up versatility to go green.

ECO Kettle

eco-kettle-interior These Are Not Your Grandmothers Eco-Appliances

Don’t waste energy boiling water that you are not planning to use. The ECO Kettle is composed of 2 separate 8-cup chambers. The first reservoir is a holding chamber which can release anywhere from 1 cup to 8 cups of water into the boiling chamber. This means that you will only boil the exact amount of water you need. The Eco Kettle uses over 30% less energy than regular kettles and could potentially save 50kWh of electricity each year.

Presso Espresso Coffee Maker

presso-espresso-coffee-maker These Are Not Your Grandmothers Eco-Appliances

Most espresso machines are designed to be left on for long periods of time, thus using lots of electricity. The Presso Espresso Coffee Maker only uses enough energy to boil one cup of water.

The Presso works by filling the steel filter with coffee, attaching the filter to the Presso and pouring boiling water into the cylinder on top of the machine. The water is then forced through the coffee at a high enough pressure to produce café-style coffee within seconds.

Water-Powered Clock

water_powered_clock These Are Not Your Grandmothers Eco-Appliances

The water-powered clock uses absolutely no electricity or batteries. Instead it runs on water or any type of electrolytic fluid, e.g. soda or coffee. Once the reservoir has been filled with liquid, the numbers appear on the clock like magic. What really happens is the internal converter extracts electrons from the fluid which provides a stream of electrical current that powers the clock.

The only maintenance required is to change the water once in a while.

Babyliss Eco Hair Dryer

babyliss-eco-dry These Are Not Your Grandmothers Eco-Appliances

The Eco Hair Dryer uses half of the energy of typical 2000W hair dryers. In fact, if you normally use your hair dryer for 10 minutes a day you will save enough energy to make 7 cups of tea or 11 pieces of toast each day.

Eco Heater

eco_heater These Are Not Your Grandmothers Eco-Appliances

The Eco-Heater is designed to be a low-cost heating alternative to traditional space heaters. It uses convection technology to heat an entire room while only using approximately the same amount of electricity as four 100 watt light bulbs.

The eco-heater mounts on your wall, can be painted to match your décor and can be left on for long periods of time without worry.

Ecolectric Slow Cooker

ecolectric-slow-cooker-300x228 These Are Not Your Grandmothers Eco-Appliances

The Ecolectric Slow Cooker uses up to 44% less energy than competing slow cookers and 66% less energy then a full-size conventional oven. The insulated lid is the key component of the slow cookers low energy usage since it keeps the heat inside the cooker providing more efficient performance.

Enviro Vac Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

electrolux-cleaner-envirovac-412x1024 These Are Not Your Grandmothers Eco-Appliances

The Enviro Vac uses 30% less energy and picks up 20% more dirt than competitive vacuums. Its super efficient motor was designed to work as well as or better than competitive cleaners and only use 800 Watts of electricity compared to the norm of 1600+ Watts.

Donvier Eco-Friendly Ice Cream/Sorbet Maker

ice-cream-maker These Are Not Your Grandmothers Eco-Appliances

Make your own delicious ice cream or sorbet in 20 minutes with no ice, salt or electricity required. First freeze the Chillfast® cylinder overnight, then add your ingredients and turn the handle. The handle doesn’t even call for constant motion; an occasional turn is all that is needed.

Solar Mosquito Guard

mosquitosolarguard-300x250 These Are Not Your Grandmothers Eco-Appliances

The Solar Mosquito Guard is a pocket-size, rechargeable personal mosquito repellant. It works by emitting a high frequency sound wave that repels pregnant female mosquitoes (which are usually the ones that bite). This means that you no longer need to purchase DEET-filled products which are harmful to you and the environment.

Eco Mini Fridge

mini-fridge-300x219 These Are Not Your Grandmothers Eco-Appliances

The portable, 6-liter Eco Mini Fridge is energy efficient and can be powered by your car adapter. It consumes an average of 33 Watts of electricity and uses no refrigerant which means that it is completely recyclable at the end of its lifespan. It also converts from a mini fridge to a portable oven with the flick of a switch. And the oven is capable of heating food to 65 degrees Celsius.

Be Fashion Forward With Futuristic Furniture

April 21, 2009 by Natalie  
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When decorating your home, there are tons of themes, concepts, colors and designs to choose from. Your home can be sleek and modern with stark colors and smooth shapes, have a cottage country feel with flowers, pastels and antique woods, or use bold colors and vintage pieces to create a retro retreat.

But if you’d rather look to the future instead of the past, and being simply ‘current’ isn’t cutting-edge enough for you, opt for these futuristic furniture pieces that will make your home out-of-this-world.

1. Misfits Modular Sofa (by Ran Arad from Moroso)

Misfits Modular Sofa

2. LunaBlocks (by Lunatic Construction)


3. Accelerator Sofa (by Phillip Grass)

Accelerator Sofa

4. Air Lounge System (by Meritalia)

Air Lounge System

5. Kure Dining Table (by Fatih Can Sarioz)

Kure Dining Table

6. Sleeping Pod Bed (by Albert Frias)

Sleeping Pod Bed

7. Sonic Chair (by Sonic Chair)

Sonic Chair

8. ALight Kitchen (by Altera Design Studio)

ALight Kitchen

9. Omega Desk & Chair (by Atomere)

Omega Dsk and Chair

10. Hidden Kitchen (by June He)

Hidden Kitchen

The Armoire Kitchen Is All Your Kitchen Will Ever Need

Manufacturers have been developing combo appliances and all-in-one kitchen units for years now and many homeowners have been thankful for the dual or triple functions these space saving units can provide.

However, many of these units look cumbersome or awkward when actually placed in the kitchen. That was, until YesterTec developed the Armoire Kitchen.

armoirekitchenclosed The Armoire Kitchen Is All Your Kitchen Will Ever Need

This seven feet tall by six feet wide maple cabinet appears to be just a beautiful storage piece, but when the doors are folded back, it reveals an entire kitchen unit. Complete with stainless steel sink, microwave with hood, 2 burner cooktop, refrigerator/freezer combo, dishwasher, and of course countertop space and shelving for any pantry items, this unit is an incredibly efficient, self-contained kitchen.

armoirekitchenopen The Armoire Kitchen Is All Your Kitchen Will Ever Need

The Armoire Kitchen is refreshingly simple and clean, and offers a wonderful way of saving space without compromising on features or functionality. The starting price for this cabinet is around $9,300.00, but considering how much each of these appliances would cost separately, it’s a pretty good price. Plus, it’s portable so if you need to move, you can take the Armoire Kitchen with you.

The Redneck Guide To Recycling Appliances Pt. 2

April 13, 2009 by David  
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We had so much fun watching Rednecks blow up appliances that we thought we’d do it again. And we figured that the bigger the appliance, the bigger the explosion.

Who knew there were so many options for getting rid of your faithful old refrigerator? Most people just recycle it, donate it or dump it but these fine folks think that taking it out back and shooting it is a better idea.

Two pounds of Tannerite vs. One Fridge

YouTube Preview Image

4 pounds of Tannerite + 1 great shot = 450 feet of refrigerator wreckage

YouTube Preview Image

Insert evil laugh here…

YouTube Preview Image

Blowing refrigerators up on the down-low…

(how hard would it be to hunt down a redneck in a fedora?)

Someone should tell them the fridge door opens…

Instant Replay

That Appliance Is One Smart Cookie

April 9, 2009 by Natalie  
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When most homeowners think of Smart Homes, they think high-tech electronics, sophisticated security systems and high installation costs. While this is generally true, many smart appliances can achieve smart home goals without breaking the bank.

Large Smart Home upgrades can require major restructuring to the home’s electrical system and can cost between $10,000 - $250,000, depending on how ‘smart’ the home is. But homeowners can begin converting to a Smart Home simply by purchasing Smart Home Appliances.

These appliances range in features and cost, but can offer homeowners convenience, more control, peace of mind, independence and even help save on monthly bills. By upgrading in small steps, homeowners can receive the benefits of a Smart Home without breaking the bank.

1. Beyond Internet Coffee Maker

It seems like a very small place to start, but even a coffee maker can be the first step towards a Smart Home. The Beyond Internet Coffee Maker merges with the internet to give homeowners control over when they want a cup of coffee.

spcoffeemaker That Appliance Is One Smart Cookie

It has a built in ‘Grind and Brew’ like most other coffee makers, but it can be programmed and rescheduled to brew coffee from any web browser. This luxury means fresh coffee will be ready when you are instead of having to drink old coffee that has been sitting in the warming mode.

2. Fisher and Paykel Active Smart Refrigerator

The Active Smart Refrigerator from Fisher and Paykel may look like a regular fridge but it offers much more than that. The main feature of this fridge is the Active Smart System which has two variable speed fans to provide faster cooling and heating throughout each level of the fridge and freezer. The system continually adjusts the flow of cold air based on daily use; making sure the temperature is at a safe degree for food freshness.

safisherfridge That Appliance Is One Smart Cookie

The Humidity Control System allows you to customize the humidity for each crisper drawer and the Variable Capacity Compressor allows for greater energy efficiency. The door also comes with an alarm to alert homeowners if the fridge door has been left open; another way to help reduce wasted energy and lower monthly bills. Everything can be controlled using the External Electronic Interface.

3. Whirlpool Centralpark Refrigerator

During CES 2008, Whirlpool unveiled their concept for an intelligent refrigerator that they believe will help unclutter consumers’ kitchens and maximize efficiency.

The Whirlpool Centralpark Refrigerator has a plug and play platform for consumer electronics that clears countertops and clutter from the front of the fridge. With the centralpark connection, homeowners will have an interchangeable connection point where they can connect their cellphone or photo frame. Homeowners can also connect iPods or digital music players, for music on demand while they are busy in the kitchen.

smcentralparkfridge That Appliance Is One Smart Cookie

Beyond photos and music, there are several other add-ons available such as the Cozi Family Organizational Software that can help families manage schedules and tasks, as well as the Quartet Qnote Message Center by Acco Brands that offers a superior dry-erase writing surface that’s completely customizable.

4. Multimedia Hoods

The Imago+ Multimedia Hood from Faber worries less about energy efficiency and more about added convenience and entertainment. This steel/glass kitchen hood houses a 19-inch LCD TV with a 1,440 x 900 resolution and 850:1 contrast ratio. This TV has an analog and digital tuner, on board recipes, Internet, video call, multimedia player, webcam and USB input.

smfaberhood That Appliance Is One Smart Cookie

ILVE has their own version of a multimedia hood called VELA. It only comes with a 10-inch LCD TV built in, but also has a remote control and a RCA input/output for hooking up a cable box, DVD player, or game console.

smivlevelahood That Appliance Is One Smart Cookie

With these multimedia hoods, homeowners can watch their favorite cooking show, receive a video call and keep an eye on their children in the next room.

5. The Ultimate Kitchen Combo

Rather than focusing on improving just one home appliance, John Lewis has decided to tackle them all and create the Ultimate Kitchen Combo. This combo is a 4-in-1 system that includes a wall mounted coffee machine, an electric oven, a steam oven, and a 19-inch LCD TV.

smcombo That Appliance Is One Smart Cookie

This kitchen-in-1 provides all the basic cooking necessities and surprisingly, looks incredibly sleek and uncluttered.

6. Demy Recipe Reader

For the homeowner who can’t afford purchasing new major appliances, the Demy Recipe Reader by Key Ingredient can still add intelligence to your kitchen. This 7-inch display touchscreen has storage for up to 2,500 recipes, three kitchen timers, a measurement conversion calculator, an ingredient substitution dictionary and USB connectivity for syncing with a PC. It’s also guaranteed ‘kitchen-safe’.

smdemyrecipe That Appliance Is One Smart Cookie

7. Verizon Hub Home Phone

Verizon Wireless has just launched an intelligent home phone called the Verizon Hub that’s designed to replace old fashioned home phones with a sophisticated home communication system that merges landline and wireless connectivity.

smverizonhub That Appliance Is One Smart Cookie

The Hub comes with a 7-inch touchscreen display that has the ability to sync your calendar, traffic, weather reports, and of course, contacts. The Hub allows for texting from your home phone for those text addicts and can even order pizza, provide maps and directions, and preview trailers for upcoming movies. The Hub uses your existing broadband connection and will work with current Verizon wireless subscribers.

8. Smart Meters

New to the US market, Smart Meters are an advanced electrical meter that will offer homeowners an entirely new way of managing their electricity use and monthly bills. Smart Meters will record the total household electricity consumption hour by hour and then send this information real-time to the utility company.

smsmartmeter That Appliance Is One Smart Cookie

By doing this, Smart Meters will provide an economical way of measuring this information and allow price setting agencies to introduce new prices for consumption based on time of day or season. By billing customers based on how much electricity they use at certain times of day, it will force them to adjust consumption habits and be more responsive to market prices. These meters will also help control the rapid increase of electricity prices and reduce the need to purchase energy from higher priced sources.

Currently California is looking to install 5.3 million Smart Meters between 2009 and 2012. It’s also hoped that this same process can be applied to natural gas and water consumption.

9. Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats are interactive ‘communicating’ thermostats that can ‘talk’ with each other and help reduce unnecessary use of the home’s heating and cooling systems. They can manage and adjust the home’s energy consumption based on current prices and necessity.

smsmartthermo That Appliance Is One Smart Cookie

Smart Thermostats can even be programmed to allow homeowners to create heating and cooling schedules based on time of day or if the home is vacant or occupied. If you have zoned heating and cooling, these thermostats can be programmed to heat certain areas of the home at certain times.

By programming a Smart Thermostat to work around your schedule, homeowners can save as much as 30 percent annually. These thermostats also use the home’s heating and cooling more efficiently which has a positive impact on the environment and on the homeowner’s monthly energy bills. EcoBee’s Smart Thermostat promises to pay for itself in energy cost savings by the first year and a half of use.

10. Smart Home Lighting

In the US, home lighting accounts for 20% of all electricity consumed and 50% of that is wasted on inefficient light sources, such as unoccupied rooms. By using Smart Home Lighting, homeowners can use indoor and outdoor lighting more efficiently which will help conserve energy and save them money.

smdimmer2 That Appliance Is One Smart Cookie

One of the most common and easiest forms of Smart Home Lighting is a dimmer switch or a dimmer module. By programming dimmer switches to turn on and off only when needed, they can potentially save up to 60% more energy and make your bulbs last up to 20 times longer. Homeowners can even add motion sensors that automatically turn off the lights when no one is in the room for increased efficiency.

There are several areas homeowners can use Smart Home products to improve their life, and Smart Appliances are only one part. The home automation market continues to grow every year and new products are being developed that are more affordable, more efficient, and more convenient.

For more information:

What Is A Smart Home?


SmartHome Solutions

Smart Home Is Still Looking For A Market

14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

April 6, 2009 by Gwen  
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Concept appliances give us a peek into the future. They are often aesthetically pleasing and offer interesting and unique features; however, it is a rare concept appliance that makes it off of the drawing board and into the showroom. Unrealistic designs, high production costs and lack of consumer demand are often the reason for many ideas to be scrapped.

Yet, here are 14 interesting concept appliances that have made it to the model stage and look so good that we hope they go into development soon.


The iBasket is a hamper/washer/dryer combo. The transparent iBasket stores your dirty clothes. Once filled, the automatic wash and dry cycle begins. After it has finished drying, the iBasket will send you an email or text message to let you know it’s done.

ibasket 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Why do consumers need the iBasket?

The iBasket saves time and energy as you’ll never have to transfer your clothes from the hamper to the washer to the dryer again. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your lucky shirt being dirty when you need it for a special occasion.


  • Transparent body
  • Built-in air refresh system that removes the smell of dirty clothes
  • Wi-Fi enabled to help you monitor it from your PC or laptop

ibasket-details 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

The one drawback to the iBasket is that it is very small. It has a capacity of approximately 3-5 kg which works out to be around 3 t-shirts and 2 trousers.


The FlatShare refrigerator is made up of a single base station and up to 4 stackable modules. Each module is a self-contained unit so no one will need to deal with other roommates’ rotting leftovers and failed science projects. The modules are designed with a tall section for bottles, a spot for produce, and a small freezer for frozen items.

flatshare 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Why do consumers need the FlatShare?

Living with roommates can be fun and exciting until it comes time to clean the fridge. The FlatShare avoids potential conflicts by keeping each person’s food and mess separate.


  • Customizable color skins
  • Bottle openers
  • White board
  • A handle on the side of the module for easy transport


Coox is a mobile cooking table that lets users cook and eat wherever they like. Not only does it cook the food, it can also be an extension of the dinner table or desk since the table legs are adjustable. The Coox uses induction technology so once you are done cooking, the surface cools immediately to prevent burns.

coox1 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Why do consumers need the Coox?

Everyone is on the go these days, looking for new and improved ways to save time. The Coox is perfect for someone who works through lunch or eats at their desk while trying to finish up last minute projects. They can prepare themselves a hot snack or keep their tea warm without having to go to the kitchen.


  • Adjustable height
  • Induction technology
  • 3-burner glass ceramic cooking surface
  • Cools down immediately after the cooking process has stopped
  • Warming area on one corner
  • Portable

coox2 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made


The E-Bag is a portable cooler bag that works by using human energy. The E-Bag’s cooling system is powered by someone swinging it back and forth as they walk. So, the longer the walk, the cooler the E-Bag gets. The E-Bag’s rotating handle charges the battery with the user’s arm motion. The cooling system uses so-called Peltier technology, a kind of solid-state heat pump that transfers heat from one side of the device to the other.

ebag 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Why do consumers need the E-Bag?

This bag is environmentally friendly as it uses no external energy source. It’s perfect for picnics, walks in the park or an outing at the beach. And if you’re tired, don’t worry, kids have energy to burn. Let them carry it for awhile.


  • Capacity is approximately 3 liters
  • 3 LED lights indicate beverage coldness
  • No batteries required

Pure Washer

Pure Washer is a rotating dual sink that acts as a sink and dishwasher. The two sinks are designed so that only one sink is exposed at a time. After the dishes have been put into it; the exposed sink rotates under the counter to expose another sink that is exactly the same as the first. Pure Washer washes the dishes under the counter with degassed water – no detergent required. There is also a cycle for washing fruits and vegetables.

pure-washer 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Why do consumers need the Pure Washer?

Pure Washer is perfect for the single person who lives on their own. Freshly soiled dishes are easy to clean so each wash will only take a few minutes. Plus, it is a space saver since there is no need for a sink and dishwasher.


  • Dish cycle
  • Fruit and vegetable cycle
  • Reduces water consumption
  • Reduces energy used
  • No detergent required

Nevale Food Carrier

The Nevale Food Carrier is designed to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold, all in the same container. It is built with 4 independent layers that have their own independent heating and cooling system. The digital display provides information on the conditions of each layer and can be programmed to reheat a certain layer at specific times.

food-carrier-electrolux-nevale 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Why do consumers need the Nevale?

Today’s busy lifestyle makes it hard to eat healthy, home-cooked meals. The Nevale lets you carry a wholesome hot or cold lunch with you wherever you go. It can even be programmed to re-heat your main course for you while still keeping your dessert chilly.


  • Can hold up to 4 different types of hot and/or cold food
  • Programmable digital control screen
  • Each layer operates independently of the others
  • Uses a plug or rechargeable battery
  • Vacuum storage system keeps food safe from bacteria

Organic Cook

The Organic Cook is a compact, table-top appliance that can grill, boil or fry. It uses high-efficiency radiant energy that sends high frequency electromagnetic waves to cook while the vacuum system ensures that the food retains its flavor. This technology means that your food is ready in a fraction of the time required for traditional cooking.

organic-cook-electrolux 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Why do consumers need the Organic Cook?

The Organic Cook offers healthy oil-free frying, grilling and boiling, all in one portable appliance. The food is cooked in a fraction of the time and retains all of its natural flavors, plus it’s easy to use.


  • Internal cooking pad offers flexible cooking options – grill, boil or fry
  • Infrared technology and vacuum cooking
  • Intuitive touch sensitive cooking selector
  • Prepares food in a fraction of the time
  • Portable


The VESSTO portable stove is an environmentally friendly appliance that uses an advanced version of the Stirling Engine to power itself. Once the small battery gets the VESSTO at a high enough temperature, the Stirling engine can run by itself by using heat from the stove to expand and contract small quantities of gas inside. The aluminum base plate protects any surface it is placed on and it is also a key component of the Stirling engine as it helps to disperse the heat and reuse it.

portable-stove-electrolux-vessto 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Why do consumers need the VESSTO?

The VESSTO stove is the perfect way to reduce energy consumption in your home. The simple control panel makes it easy to use and it even has a sleep function that automatically switches off the stove after a specific amount of time. It is compact and lightweight enough to take anywhere, including outdoors.


  • Renewable energy power source
  • Extremely quiet
  • Easy to read control panel can display recipes, notes or other downloadable cooking information
  • Sleep function
  • Ceramic coating for easy cleaning
  • Portable
  • Aluminum base plate
  • Offered in red, yellow, blue and black

Go Fresh Fridge

The Go Fresh Fridge is made up of a main frame that houses 12 removable, temperature-controlled compartments. The food is identified by scanning a picture of it and then the compartment automatically sets the optimal temperature for that type of food. Once the compartment reaches the correct temperature, the cold air inlet closes to save on energy consumption.

Go Fresh

Why do consumers need the Go Fresh Fridge?

The Go Fresh Fridge saves energy and increases the lifespan of your food (which in turn should reduce food waste) and this is good for the environment. In addition, it is so cool looking that you will be the envy of all your friends (if not, then at least it is a great conversation piece).


  • Energy efficient
  • Removable, insulated compartments
  • Increases the lifespan of your food since it is stored at optimal temperatures
  • Food odors cannot seep into other compartments

go-fresh-2 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Rockpool Waterless Dishwasher

The Rockpool Waterless Dishwasher uses no water or chemicals; instead it uses super critical carbon dioxide in a closed loop system. The carbon dioxide is pressurized into a liquid with excellent grease and oil fighting properties. The carbon dioxide then combines with a small amount of environmentally friendly detergent to get the dishes clean. Once the washing cycle is finished, the carbon dioxide and dirt are separated so that the carbon dioxide can be used again.

rockpool_dishwasher 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Why do consumers need the Rockpool Dishwasher?

The Rockpool dishwasher takes an existing technology and puts it to good use in one of the most used appliances in the home. The closed loop system means that the carbon dioxide gets used over and over again while the dishwasher never uses a drop of water.


  • Closed loop system means that the carbon dioxide gets used again and again
  • Very quiet
  • Simple user interface


The NFridge has a modular design composed of small, stackable refrigeration cubes. Each piece is self-contained and works independently of the others. It uses magnetic refrigeration that produces a constant cold, faster than conventional refrigerators.

nfridge2 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Why do consumers need the NFridge?

Not only does the NFridge use an earth-friendly cooling system, but the cold air is not released from the entire fridge when you remove an item. The modular design is perfect for people with large or small families. You can purchase the number of cubes you need and you don’t need to cool any cubes you aren’t using.


  • Space saving design
  • See-though modular compartments
  • Soft touch operating digital membrane
  • Magnetic refrigeration
  • Resistant to dust and water
  • Available in a variety of colors

nfridge3 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Fog Shower

The Fog Shower is a showerhead that uses approximately 2 liters of water for a 5 minute shower. It does this by creating a fog or vapor flow of microscopic water droplets. The water is heated into water vapor which is then directed onto the person showering. An intelligent sensor sends the water in different directions based on the person’s movements.

Fog Shower

Why do consumers need the Fog Shower?

The Fog Shower is a simple and easy way to reduce your water consumption by 18 liters/day which adds up to over 6500 liters/year. And since there is less water to heat up, you will reduce your energy consumption too.


  • Reduces water usage
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Intelligent sensor


The Agbot is a solar-powered robot that can fertilize your lawn, plant seeds and guard your house at night. Its built-in GPS plots out the lay of the land in order to fulfill these tasks. In fact, its security system is so advanced that it will take a picture of an intruder and send it to you via email all before the intruder even knows he’s been spotted.

agbot 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Why do consumers need the Agbot?

The security system alone is a great reason to get an Agbot. Its motion detector, night-vision camera and alarm system will make any intruder think twice before breaking into your home. And if you require lawn maintenance, the Agbot can take care of that for you too.


  • Takes 40 seconds per planting
  • The fertilizer system is designed to avoid inconsistent dispersal that causes lawn burn
  • Solar powered
  • Speed as fast as 6 miles/hour
  • Night vision camera on a 360 degree swivel
  • High-frequency alarm system
  • Advanced motion detector
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Built-in GPS
  • Bluetooth

The Agbot still needs some improvements since its battery only lasts for 4 hours. However the programmers are continuing to make improvements and expect the Agbot to run longer in the near future. They also have plans to expand its functionality and make it customizable for the consumer’s individual needs.

A short video about AgBot.

Bra Dryer

The Bra Dryer is a unique appliance that has the sole purpose of drying bras. Bras are made of wiring, fabric and padding that can be damaged using conventional dryers. The Bra Dryer’s patent-pending design preserves the bras shape while using a gentle infrared heat source that evaporates moisture from the bra fabric while silent fans inside the appliance remove the moisture.

bra-dryer 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Why do consumers need the bra dryer?

Bras can be very expensive and need special care. Therefore they need a special dryer to keep them from getting damaged by conventional dryers. Air drying takes far too long and blow drying your bra is inconvenient, time consuming and never does a really great job.


  • Comes in a variety of cup and chest sizes to fit every woman’s needs
  • Can be used with all types of bras
  • Available in black and white

black-bra-dryer 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Plans are in place to start producing the bra dryer in 2010. It will also be available in a modular variation, thus letting you dry multiple bras at the same time.

Your Toast Will Never Be The Same

April 2, 2009 by Natalie  
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It’s simple, it’s quick, and it’s the perfect compliment to a bacon and eggs breakfast. That’s right, I’m talking about toast. With just the push of a button and a few minutes of your time, you can transform regular, old bread into golden, toasted goodness.

Look inside any kitchen and you’re bound to find a traditional toaster sitting on the counter, but just as major appliances evolve over time, the toaster has had a few updates too.

We’ve talked about some awesome toaster combinations before, but here are two unique toasters that will take your breakfast to the next level.

The VHS Toaster
This geeked-out VHS Toaster is certainly one of a kind and adds an old school touch to your toast. Insert your preferred choice of white or whole wheat bread, push play and in just a few short minutes, your VHS toast pops out the cassette slot.

toastervhs Your Toast Will Never Be The Same

While you can’t buy this baby in the store, a toast-loving mastermind has offered up instructions on how to make your own.

The Portable Toaster
The Portable Toaster is more practical but equally as cool. This device is hand held, made of reinforced ceramic and is shaped much like a cake knife. By using CarboNano technology, the ceramic knife is capable of generating enough heat to toast your bread, in about the same time it would take a conventional toaster.

toasterportable Your Toast Will Never Be The Same

The butterfly design lets you know how toasted your bread will be so you’ll never have to worry about burnt toast again. The Portable Toaster does need to be charged in between uses but it’s perfect for work, camping, or anyone who just really loves toast.

This toaster should be available sometime in 2009.

Battle Of The Bots : Ziggy Vs. The Washer

March 27, 2009 by Natalie  
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We’ve talked about some fun and creative ways to ”recycle” your old appliances, redneck-style. A few grenades, an open field and a couple of beers is an entertaining way to dispose of your old fridge.

But there’s another unique way to get rid of your old appliances that’s equally destructive and equally fun. If you’ve got a knack for killer robots, you could try your hand at building your own Ziggy and declaring an all-out, carnage-filled war on your home appliances like this guy did at Battle Beach 4.

7 Awesome Steampunk Appliances

February 25, 2009 by David  
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Of course you want to outfit your home with nice appliances –  everyone wants that. But what if you want more than what Home Depot can offer? What if you want your appliances to look like they came straight from a science-fiction subgenre of post-gothic speculative fantasy?

Well, kind squires and ladies, allow our automaton butler to take your top hat and cashmere rag-cloak. Affix your mechanized monocles so you can more closely examine our list of the 7 awesome Steampunk appliances that we’ve found online.

7.  The News Brews

steampunk-coffee-machine 7 Awesome Steampunk Appliances

Steaming hot java and the morning newspaper seem like the last refuge before starting the daily grind. However few get to partake in this domesticated bliss in today’s time-crunch culture.

What if you could combine the two luxuries in your travel-mug as you head out the door?

The News Brews percolates your coffee from beans grown in the regions that are mentioned in today’s news feeds and it adjusts the beans proportions based on the frequency of mentions. The news has never been so “infolicious”.

6.  Victorian All-in-One PC

steampunk-computer 7 Awesome Steampunk Appliances

Made of new and old parts (including some from the dump), this fully-functional machine has everything you’d expect from a PC, but with more soldered copper, bronze, brass, and aluminum gears than may actually be necessary.

The keyboard was repainted and the keys were plucked out to accommodate vintage typewriter keys.

We’re guessing a shiny tangle of cogs wired to the machine was built in the same fashion. See more at the Steampunk Workshop.

5.  Copper Pipe Fixtures Lamp

steampunk-cooper-lamp 7 Awesome Steampunk Appliances

Professor Fzz is an Aethernet engineer and spends his free time doodling and dreaming about steam locomotives. He’s created several copper pipe lighting mechanisms, as well as, egg cannons and rockets. Ste-amazing!

4.  Blood Transfusion Device

blood-transfusion-device-231x300 7 Awesome Steampunk Appliances

This odd contraption, looking like a sanguine-filled music box, was a prop blood transfusion device built by for the cult classic Vampyr, produced by Red Scream. An ornate hand-crank moves the gears that pump blood through the tubes to the taps.

3.  Trash Boiler

steampunk-boiler-225x300 7 Awesome Steampunk Appliances

Built by inventor (and Flickr user) Boilermonster, this is the only garbage incinerator we’ve ever seen that wasn’t completely offensive. Here’s Boilermonster running down the specs: “This is a Lamont style boiler, having about 150′ of 3/8 tubing. I have hydro tested it to 125lbs and run it at about 50lb. This was designed to process grey water at B-man so we would have fresh water for our steam car and other uses.”

2.  Concertina Adjustable Reading Lamp

steampunk-concertina-300x188 7 Awesome Steampunk Appliances

These reading lamps, from The Antique Lighting Company, will add a Victorian veneer to any nightstand, ensuring sweet Steampunk dreams after the lights are switched off.

1.  Edison-lit Vanity Mirror

steampunk-sink-alcove-225x300 7 Awesome Steampunk Appliances

Via the indispensable Steampunk Home, this sink/vanity mirror combo is the best way to apply your eyeliner in the morning. Note the eerily accurate Edison-bulb lighting to add a perfectly pasty burnt-orange glow to your skin.

For more cool Steampunk DIYs, check out the Steampunk Gear Flickr group. Or else just go to Boing Boing, which needs to just admit that it’s basically a Steampunk fan-fiction site.

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