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My Bad Pad Tue, 05 Oct 2010 13:50:30 +0000 en Paint Your Appliance Pink and Help Fight Breast Cancer It's not ever day that a sweepstakes comes along that lets you help a good cause and win some cool prizes, so we wanted to help announce Paint Your Appliance Pink! Officially kicking off July 1, 2009 and hosted by online appliance parts retailer,, Paint Your Appliance Pink is an ... Camouflage For Your Cables I gotta have my gadgets. I've got gadgets for talking to friends, gadgets for listening to music, gadgets to make sure I can find my way home at night, gadgets for just about all of my needs. The thing is these gadgets require power, which means I've got to charge ... SmarterShades Makes A Smarter Home How many people does it take to create a window accessory that provides energy savings of up to 25%? The answer is three University of Notre Damn students. Will McLeod, Mike Stacey, and Ryan Tatzel, all students at UND, created the SmarterShade - an aftermarket window accessory that regulates the amount ... The 7 Unluckiest Appliances (& You Thought Your Job Was Bad) Despite hundreds of years of progress in the area of hygiene, we humans still produce a lot of mess. Luckily in this day and age, we have creative geniuses who have developed appliances to eliminate our odors, kill our germs and do our dirty work for us, all without having ... Start Summer Early With Beach Ball Lamps Now that April showers have brought May flowers, summer is finally just around the corner.  Unfortunately for us heat-lovers, we've still got some time before we can unpack the short shorts and get out our bathing suits. If you're having troubles getting rid of the winter blues and think you may ... These Are Not Your Grandmother’s Eco-Appliances Eco-friendly products are becoming mainstream as consumers demand greener versions of everyday items. Manufacturers have finally begun to meet the challenge as more and more eco-friendly products hit the marketplace. And these are not your grandmother's "green" products that used to be back-breaking and labor intensive. These are cutting-edge products ... 21 Cool Toilet Paper Roll Creations The toilet paper roll is the unsung hero of the bathroom. It stoically does its job day after day without any sign of recognition. Firmly keeping the toilet paper in place and making sure it is easily accessible when you need it the most. And then once the toilet paper ... The Future of Furniture Recently, I did a post about futuristic furniture that looked like they were stolen straight from The Jetsons, but the real future of furniture is much more than just sleeping pods and colored LEDs. Furniture of the future will be less about trendy designs and luxury and will focus more on ... How to Make Everyday Items Last Longer It's time to rethink the way we use our consumable products. We can't give up our toothpaste and soap but what if we could stretch them out a bit more and make them last longer? The key to finding the optimal amount of any product is to experiment. Get out of ... Stop Playing With Your Furniture If you are looking for a fun piece of furniture to add to your living room, we have just the thing for you. "Stop Playing With Yourself" is a combination puzzle and multi-purpose piece of furniture created by Australian designers Schamburg + Alvisse. It can be a sofa, chair, bed or ...