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Green Tips For Your TV

Televisions are no longer a luxury item like they once were. Now, they are so commonplace that it is not unusual to find several under the same roof. And although today’s LCD TVs use less energy than the old CRTs (inch for inch), once you upsize to a larger screen, all of those energy savings […]

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Recycling Your Old Appliances

There are thousands of ways we can be ‘green’ and help do our part to protect our environment. From recycling old newspapers and pop bottles to donating used clothing and furniture, it seems there is a way to recycle or reuse just about everything. So why is it many homeowners forget about recycling their old […]

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Clean And Green With EnergyStar Appliances

Being environmentally conscientious helps preserve our precious earth and can also save you money! Look at the appliances being used in your home on a regular basis. Are any of these appliances 10, 15, or even 20 years old? If so, you can bet your bottom dollar you’re spending more on monthly utility costs than […]

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These Are Not Your Grandmother’s Eco-Appliances

Eco-friendly products are becoming mainstream as consumers demand greener versions of everyday items. Manufacturers have finally begun to meet the challenge as more and more eco-friendly products hit the marketplace. And these are not your grandmother’s “green” products that used to be back-breaking and labor intensive. These are cutting-edge products that combine environmental concern and […]

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