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The Future of Furniture

Recently, I did a post about futuristic furniture that looked like they were stolen straight from The Jetsons, but the real future of furniture is much more than just sleeping pods and colored LEDs. Furniture of the future will be less about trendy designs and luxury and will focus more on efficiency, functionality and being […]

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Don’t Let DIY Disasters Happen To You

As the popularity of do-it-yourself repair grows among homeowners, so has a disturbing rise in serious DIY injuries. From decorating and renovating to remodels and repairs, homeowners have been taking on the roll of Bob Vila and opting to tackle home projects themselves rather than hiring a professional. While this can save time and money, […]

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Color Your Home Happy

Not long ago, I did a post on New Year’s resolutions for your home, where I discussed how to make yourself feel better by making your surroundings happier. I briefly touched on the importance of color and how different hues can make you feel certain emotions. Since the influence of color is a pretty powerful […]

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