RUF Cinema Bed Is A Sleep-In Movie Theater

Often when I’m perusing the internet searching for cool home products, I find myself saying “I want one!”. But I have to admit, I don’t think I’ve been so serious about my product lust until I saw Ruf-Betten’s RUF Cinema Bed. This retro bed houses an entire home theater system complete with fold-out screen and projector giving you a drive-in movie theater feeling without having to get out of your jammies.

cinema-bed RUF Cinema Bed Is A Sleep-In Movie Theater

The Ruf Cinema bed has a home cinema rack between the two headboards that offers you enough room for a DVD player, subwoofers, gaming console of choice and even conduits for all the cables so you won’t get your feet tangled. When the movie is over, simply touch a button and the screen disappears inside the foot section. This bed is the ultimate in intelligent media design – allowing you to enjoy your media entertainment of choice from the comforts of your bed.

cinema-bed2 RUF Cinema Bed Is A Sleep-In Movie Theater



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