Be Fashion Forward With Futuristic Furniture

April 21, 2009 by Natalie  

When decorating your home, there are tons of themes, concepts, colors and designs to choose from. Your home can be sleek and modern with stark colors and smooth shapes, have a cottage country feel with flowers, pastels and antique woods, or use bold colors and vintage pieces to create a retro retreat.

But if you’d rather look to the future instead of the past, and being simply ‘current’ isn’t cutting-edge enough for you, opt for these futuristic furniture pieces that will make your home out-of-this-world.

1. Misfits Modular Sofa (by Ran Arad from Moroso)

Misfits Modular Sofa

2. LunaBlocks (by Lunatic Construction)


3. Accelerator Sofa (by Phillip Grass)

Accelerator Sofa

4. Air Lounge System (by Meritalia)

Air Lounge System

5. Kure Dining Table (by Fatih Can Sarioz)

Kure Dining Table

6. Sleeping Pod Bed (by Albert Frias)

Sleeping Pod Bed

7. Sonic Chair (by Sonic Chair)

Sonic Chair

8. ALight Kitchen (by Altera Design Studio)

ALight Kitchen

9. Omega Desk & Chair (by Atomere)

Omega Dsk and Chair

10. Hidden Kitchen (by June He)

Hidden Kitchen

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