Frugal Tip – Make Your Credit Cards Pay You

March 13, 2009 by Gwen  

One tried and true step to saving money is to pay off your credit card bills in full every month. No balance on your credit card means no monthly interest charge accumulating every month.

But what if you were to take that one step further and use credit cards that pay you.

credit_card_logos Frugal Tip – Make Your Credit Cards Pay You

There are tons of credit cards on the market that offer incentives. Some offer cash back or frequent flier miles while others have their own point system in place. Find the one that will give you the most bang for your buck and use it for all of your regular expenses.

Gas and groceries add up quickly so if you pay for them with your credit card, your credit card will be paying you in no time. The key is to continue to pay off your monthly balance in full. Any savings you gain by using this new credit card would be quickly overshadowed by credit card interest if you don’t pay your balance.

As long as you are vigilant about paying the amount off in full every month, then there is also the added bonus of keeping your hard earned cash in your account until the day the credit card bill is due instead of paying on the day you actually purchase the groceries.

Your savings will add up in no time once you find the credit card that is right for you.

Killers and Chillers

March 12, 2009 by David  

Freezers and refrigerators are tools of the trade for cannibals and murderers. As a matter of fact, according to Wikiality, freezers are the appliance of choice for serial killers everywhere.

corpse-freezer Killers and Chillers

What better way is there to keep body parts fresh, tasty and readily available for a late-night snack then to tuck them into a crisper bin in the fridge? The tightly sealed fridge and freezer doors keep a lid on any two-week-old-dead-body funk that could spoil a disgusting and perverse secret.

Actually, these 9 notorious and dangerous killers should have gotten a lock for their fridge or freezer when they used these chilling household appliances to store dismembered body parts right next to the rocky road ice cream.

1. Jeffrey Dahmer

Born: May 21, 1960
Number of Killings: 17
Favorite body parts to keep in the fridge: head and torso


The most infamous antagonist of ice box storage is Jeffrey “Milwaukee Cannibal” Dahmer, who was arrested after a near-victim fled the crime scene. The victim luckily escaped what 17 boys and men hadn’t — police found multiple human torsos and heads in Dahmer’s fridge and a heart in his freezer.

Fortunately, Dahmer is no longer a tax burden as he was beaten to death on November 28, 1994, by a fellow inmate with a bar from a weight machine.

2. Ed Gein

Born: 1906
Number of Killings: 2 or more
Favorite body part to keep in the fridge: internal organs

ed-gein Killers and Chillers

Ed Gein, the Wisconsin native, whose violent lifestyle inspired the slasher classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, lived in a rural town where neighbors described him as “quiet”. Ed owned and operated a small grocery, enjoyed babysitting for neighbors, and obsessed over creating household furniture out of his victims. Ed’s hobbies also included grave-robbing, wearing women’s clothing and flesh and keeping a refrigerator full of human organs.

Gein was found guilty of first degree murder but because he was also found to be legally insane, he spent the rest of his life in a mental hospital where he died in 1984.

3. Özgür Dengiz

Born: 1980
Number of Killings: 3
Favorite body parts to keep in the fridge: flesh from buttocks and thighs

ozgur-dengiz2 Killers and Chillers

The youngest maniac to send a victim to an icy grave was Özgür Dengiz of Turkey. At 17 years of age, he was jailed for the murder of a friend. After serving three years, he was released on parole and soon after shot Cafer Er, a 55-year-old garbage collector who was “crowding the area”. Dengiz disposed of the corpse at the local dump but only after he had removed portions of the dead man’s body. He took these portions home, shared some with the neighborhood dogs and stored the rest in his family’s kitchen freezer.

Denzig was captured in 2007 and showed no remorse for his crimes. As a matter of fact, he said he would have kept killing if he had not been caught.

4. Armin Meiwes

Born: 1961
Number of Killings: 1
Favorite body part to keep in the fridge: cut up flesh

armmin-meiwes1-300x171 Killers and Chillers

In 2001, Armin Meiwes (of Germany) took out an online ad looking for a volunteer to be killed and eaten. Burnd Brandes answered the ad and on Christmas day of the same year, was killed and stored in Meiwes’ freezer for the next ten months.

Meiwes was not arrested until the following year, when he put out an advertisement for his next victim. In 2004, Meiwes was sentenced to 8 ½ years in prison for manslaughter but a re-trial found him guilty of murder and his sentence was changed to life in prison.

5. Nikolai Dzhumagaliev

Born: 1952
Number of Killings: unknown, but some sources indicate 50 – 100 victims
Favorite body parts to keep in the fridge: head and intestines

nikolai-dzhumagaliev-248x300 Killers and Chillers

Nikolai “Metal Fang” Dzhumagaliev of Russia is the most likable character on the bad boys roster. He was a social person and invited friends for snacks during one of many get-togethers at his house. His friends turned him in though, when they discovered his “snacks” consisted of a human head and intestinal tract that he kept cooling in the fridge.

In 2007, he was found guilty of seven murders but is believed to be responsible for 50-100 deaths. He has since been released from a mental institution and is a free man living in Eastern Europe.

6. Anthony Hopkins

Born: 1971
Number of Killings: 1
Favorite body part to keep in the freezer: whole corpse

anthonyhopkins Killers and Chillers

Even more recently, a travelling preacher named Anthony Hopkins (just like the actor who portrayed famous cinematic cannibals Hannibal Lecter and Titus Andronicus) killed his wife and buried her behind their family home in Mobile, Alabama. Sources speculate that his wife, Aretha, came home to find Hopkins sexually abusing their children and her murder took place shortly thereafter. Perhaps dissatisfied with his choice of burial, he exhumed her body and placed it in the family freezer before being caught by the authorities this past August.

7. Paul Dalton

Born: 1970
Number of Killings: 1
Favorite body part to keep in the freezer: chopped up corpse

pauldalton Killers and Chillers

Paul Dalton was found guilty of manslaughter after unintentionally killing his wife. The unhappy couple had been fighting when Mr. Dalton was “blinded by rage” - a rage that resulted in fatal violence. Realizing what had transpired, he bought a couple of saws and dustsheets before chopping up her body and storing it in their fridge-freezer.

Dalton’s wife’s remains were discovered by his parents after he fled to Japan.

8. Jeremy Hauck

Born: 1988
Number of Killings: 1
Favorite body part to keep in the freezer: whole corpse

jeremy-hauck-300x225 Killers and Chillers

Jeremy Hauck was found guilty of shooting his mother and stuffing her body in the freezer of her Bountiful, Utah condominium. Police found her body after family members hadn’t heard from her for several days. The police reported that “she was frozen solid” and it took 3 days for her body to thaw.

In January 2008, Hauck, was found not competent to stand trial.

9. Issei Sagawa

Born: 1949
Number of Killings: 1
Favorite body part to keep in the fridge: cut up flesh

sagawa-300x235 Killers and Chillers

Renée Hartevelt was the girl of Sagawa’s dreams. They were classmates in a university in France and after befriending Hartevelt, Sagawa invited Hartevelt to his apartment where he shot her in the neck with a rifle. After 2 days, Sagawa was seen dumping most of the mutilated body in a park. The rest of Renée Hartevelt was still in Sagawa’s refrigerator when the police came to arrest him.

Sagawa was found legally insane and deported back to Japan, where he was put in a mental institution. However, as a result of mishandled paperwork, Sagawa was able to check himself out of the mental institution after 15 months and has been a free man ever since.

Inflatable Cloud Umbrella

March 11, 2009 by Gwen  

When I think of an umbrella, I think of something that will keep me dry when it’s raining.

umbrella Inflatable Cloud Umbrella

But this new umbrella, by designer Joonsoo Kim seems to be more about creativity and fashion then keeping you dry in the next downpour.

Although it’s fanciful looks will get you lots off attention, the pump action required to blow the thing up may cause you to get a little damp before you even get the thing open. And then once it’s pumped up, I’m not sure that the rain wouldn’t drip off of one of those lovely balls right down your back.

howitworks Inflatable Cloud Umbrella
inflate Inflatable Cloud Umbrella

I can give the design an “A” for being compact and unique, but in the area of functionality, I think any cloud umbrella owners might be a little wet behind the ears.

Courtesy of

12 Man-tastic Man Caves

March 10, 2009 by Gwen  

Men are not your “typical’ decorators. They don’t care about the drapes, whether you use lemon, maize or tangerine yellow paint for the kitchen and they don’t care if you get a throw for the sofa. But if you give them their own turf, they’ve got ideas galore, many of which involve the latest hi-tech gadgets, comfy leather chairs and a beer fridge.

A “Man Cave” is a roomman-cave-with-stripper-pole-300x171 12 Man-tastic Man Caves in the house (although some men have been known to renovate sheds), where a man can get away from the pressures of daily family life. It is his personal refuge full of his favorite things. Man Caves come in all shapes, sizes and themes but one thing they all have in common is loads of testosterone.

The “Man Cave” is no longer an elusive dream. According to a recent survey by, 40% of homeowners say that their home already has a man cave and another 13% said a man cave is either in the planning stage or in the process of being built.

“These aren’t ordinary recreation rooms,” said David Lupberger, a home improvement specialist with “These are rooms that fall solely under the jurisdiction of the man of the house.”

So what goes into the typical Man Cave?

  • Flat screen TV (75%)
  • Recliner (69%)
  • Stereo (68%)
  • Refrigerator (67%)
  • DVD player (67%)
  • Computer (65%)
  • Bar (64%)

However, men need not limit their dream room to just these items. Many hobbies and collections have taken center stage when creating a personal Manctuary. Themes cover the gamut, ranging from favorite sports teams to favorite hobbies.  There always seems to be room for just one more piece of memorabilia… well maybe not.

go-jackets 12 Man-tastic Man Caves

Man Caves are so popular now; they even have their own TV show, called Man Caves, of course. The Man Caves team has renovated and built some spectacular Caves and any guy would drool at the prospect of getting these guys into their basement or garage.

Not all “Man Caves” are created equal. They start at one end of spectrum, displaying massive hi-tech, home theater glory, to the fantastically creative and less expensive but equally enjoyable DIY version. They span the ingenious depths of drinking, debauchery and self-indulgence. And some include such Man-tastic features that you will have to see them to believe them.

Golf Garage

With the help of Man Caves team, Tony Siragusa and Jason Cameron, this former garage has become a high-end golf practice area and lounge.

Key Features:
A media center featuring a beautiful flat screen
Sports Storage
Comfy seating

Man-tastic Feature:
An indoor virtual-reality driving range with a curved wall

golf 12 Man-tastic Man Caves

Shea Stadium-theme

What major Mets fan doesn’t want to create a Shea Stadium-themed Man Cave in his basement?

Key Features:
2 side-by-side flat-screen TVs
A huge cutout of the Mets Apple and various other Mets memorabilia
A signed jersey

baseball2 12 Man-tastic Man Caves

Man-tastic Feature:
Custom-made stand-alone bar complete with a built-in beer tap, hot dog machine and a glass-top display case full of baseballs.

baseball 12 Man-tastic Man Caves

Pool Hall

This enormous man cave is like a pool hall and lounge area all in one.

Key Features:
Leather couch
Entertainment cabinet
50-inch LCD TV
Pool table
Pool table lighting
Built-in bench seat along the back wall

poolhall2 12 Man-tastic Man Caves

Man-tastic Feature:
Recycled rubber tile flooring - no stray billiard balls are going to damage this spongy flooring.

poolhall 12 Man-tastic Man Caves

Built-In MAME

This unique home bar is an arcade gamers dream.

Key Features:
Stand alone arcade game
Slot Machine
Touch screen jukebox
Custom Bar
Flat panel TV
Games table and chairs

mame-bar 12 Man-tastic Man Caves

Man-tastic Features:
The custom bar comes complete with built-in MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator - an emulator application that lets you play older arcade games) and a 4-player flip-out control panel. The control panel was designed to flip up into the bar to keep the controls safe from spillage when the game is not being used.

built-in-mame-2-1024x768 12 Man-tastic Man Caves

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg’s old Man Cave was a shed with plastic chairs. So to get back his rep he enlisted the Man Caves team to help him build a new hang-out, more befitting of his Hip-Hop mogul status.

Key Features:
Hardwood floors
Two 50-inch flat screen TVs
Media storage system
An art homage to himself and his friends (including a custom painting of himself)
Security system with video surveillance cameras
Plush leather couch
Direct phone line to Denny’s, his favorite restaurant

snoopdogg 12 Man-tastic Man Caves

Man-tastic Feature:
The Cadillac Couch - custom made from the bumper of a 1961 Cadillac.

snoopdoggscouch 12 Man-tastic Man Caves

Harley Bar

This converted garage is a great hang-out after a long ride on your Hog.

Key Features:
Beer Fridge
46” LCD TV
Gaming System
Custom Bar with glass top

harley-bar 12 Man-tastic Man Caves

Man-tastic Feature:
Harley Davidson parked right next to you.

harley-bar-with-harley 12 Man-tastic Man Caves

Rock-climbing Room

Not all Man Caves are built completely for relaxation.

Key Features:
Leather Theater Seating
Retractable Projector Screen
Dart Board

rock-room 12 Man-tastic Man Caves

Man-tastic Feature:
Rock climbing handholds all over the place.

rock-walls 12 Man-tastic Man Caves

Stripper’s Pole

You just never know when your own personal stage and stripper’s pole are going to come in handy.

Key Features:
Flat screen TV
Leather Seating
Guitars and Amp

man-cave-with-stripper-pole 12 Man-tastic Man Cavesbar-with-stripper-pole 12 Man-tastic Man Caves

Man-tastic Feature:
6’ x 6’ Stage with Stripper Pole and Spotlight.

stripper-pole 12 Man-tastic Man Caves


Who doesn’t need a sauna after expending all of that energy watching the game on the big screen?

Key Features:
50” Plasma TV
Bose speakers
xbox360, WII and PS2
Red leather stadium seating
Gamepod chair
Popcorn popper
Poker table
Air hockey table
Stand alone video arcade

man-cave-with-sauna 12 Man-tastic Man Caves

Man-tastic Features:
Hottub and sauna

sauna 12 Man-tastic Man Caves

Media Wall

Some people are sure that you can never have enough TVs.

Key Features:
72-inch Samsung DLP HDTV
Two 32-inch Samsung LCDs
Onkyo receiver
CD player
DVD player
All three TVs are on separate satellite receivers so you can watch three games at once.
42” Samsung Plasma TV in Poker Nook
Poker Table

media-wall 12 Man-tastic Man Caves

Man-tastic Feature:
Urinal with Polaroid TV above it so you don’t miss a minute of the game.

media-wall2 12 Man-tastic Man Caves

The Earnhardt Room

Some collectors just love their collections.

Key Features:
50” Samsung DLP HDTV
Yamaha Amp and DVD
PSB Image Series speakers (5) with a 12” sub
Wall to wall Diamond Plate Flooring by
(43) 1/24 diecast cars featuring legends of yesterday and famous paint schemes on the Daytona Track
(195) Dale Sr. and Dale Jr. 1/24 scale diecast
Converted Craftsmen Workbench into a bar
Beer Fridge
6 Bottle Shot Steward
Race Fan Furniture
APX Home Security System

race-car 12 Man-tastic Man Cavescars 12 Man-tastic Man Caves

Man-tastic Feature:
Custom built 16ft 1/24 scale front stretch section of the Daytona Superspeedway.

race-car2 12 Man-tastic Man Caves

Secret Man Cave

Some Man Caves are too good to share, so it’s best to keep them under lock and key to keep the riffraff out.

Key Features:
Video cameras to watch where the kids are
Projector and a giant screen that doubles as a virtual shooting range and a movie theater
Theater seating
Sound-proof walls
Mini bar
A hidden door that leads to the all-important, never out-dated workshop

Man-tastic Feature:
The hidden keypad which opens the hidden entrance.

How To Build Your Own Man Cave

With all this talk of Man Caves, you must be wondering how you can build your own. It’s important to plan your project first and a great way to start is by following these tips on building the ultimate man cave.

For more Man Cave Inspiration:

RUF Cinema Bed Is A Sleep-In Movie Theater

March 9, 2009 by Natalie  

Often when I’m perusing the internet searching for cool home products, I find myself saying “I want one!”. But I have to admit, I don’t think I’ve been so serious about my product lust until I saw Ruf-Betten’s RUF Cinema Bed. This retro bed houses an entire home theater system complete with fold-out screen and projector giving you a drive-in movie theater feeling without having to get out of your jammies.

cinema-bed RUF Cinema Bed Is A Sleep-In Movie Theater

The Ruf Cinema bed has a home cinema rack between the two headboards that offers you enough room for a DVD player, subwoofers, gaming console of choice and even conduits for all the cables so you won’t get your feet tangled. When the movie is over, simply touch a button and the screen disappears inside the foot section. This bed is the ultimate in intelligent media design – allowing you to enjoy your media entertainment of choice from the comforts of your bed.

cinema-bed2 RUF Cinema Bed Is A Sleep-In Movie Theater

Current Event - Wealthy Americans Should Take Vacations

March 6, 2009 by Gwen  

I just read an article today about the decline in the travel industry. The downturn is not surprising in this economic climate, but what is a little surprising is that the wealthy are cutting back on their vacations too.

beach-homepage Current Event - Wealthy Americans Should Take Vacations

In a recent survey of travelers’ intentions, Forrester Research found the solidly middle class intended to cut back on travel, but so did 28% of those with household incomes of $100,000 and above. “It shows that the well-to-do are not being spared by this recession,” says travel industry analyst Henry Harteveldt.

“Luxury shame is very real,” says Harteveldt of Forrester Research. “When your neighbors are losing their jobs and you’re doing well, you don’t flaunt your success.”

What this means is that guilt is causing the rich to down-size their vacations or to cancel them outright. Now on the surface, this makes sense. Everyone is tightening their belts.

However, my concern stems from the fact that we need the wealthy to stimulate the economy in these harsh times.  Middle Americans are losing jobs and homes while the wealthy seem to be hoarding money for a rainy day.

To all the rich Americans out there, in case you didn’t notice, it’s pouring outside. Yes, some of us may be jealous of your cash flow and your ability to go out to fancy restaurants and take expensive cruises, but we also need you to keep spending your money.

Feel free to cut back on mink coats, as long as you are taking that money and spending it elsewhere. If luxury cruises make you feel guilty, then take your money and donate it to the local foodbank so they can restock the shelves for those who need it. If you don’t feel comfortable investing in the volatile stock markets, take your money and invest it in our children. Give schools money for new books and playground equipment.

Just whatever you do, don’t keep your money in your pockets, the rest of the country is counting on you to spend your money and help dig us out of this economic vortex.


9 Out Of This World Home Theaters

March 5, 2009 by Natalie  

Do THX subwoofers and 18-inch floor standing speakers make your heart race? Does the thought of watching T’Pol or 7 of 9 on a 140-inch wide screen HDTV give you shivers? Is there anything better than watching the Death Star blow up while being nestled between a surround sound system powered by 8 amplifiers?

What if it were in your very own home theater? Any video junkie can dream but these people are living proof that hi-tech, out-of-this-world home theater happiness really does exist. Try not to drool too much.

1. The Next Generation

Designed by: Acoustic Innovations

star-trek-1 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters

4 years of planning and six months of work resulted in this impressive Star Trek home theater complete with ready room and private bar. Yeah, you heard right - private bar. The main attraction, the theater, was modeled after the NCC-1701D Enterprise from ‘The Next Generation’ series and is chalk full of realistic sound effects, motion-activated air-lock doors and can even simulate a Romulan attack.

It was also named the Top Theme Theater in 2007 (we’re not surprised). If that isn’t enough to get your pointy ears tingling check out these juicy photos.

star-trek-2 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters

star-trek-3 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters

star-trek-4 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters

star-trek-5 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters


  • JBL S100IO Synthesis Interconnect Kits
  • JBL S800 20Channel THX Power Amplifiers
  • JBL SDEC2500A THX Digital EQ/Crossover
  • JBL SDP-40 THX Digital Surround Processor/System Controller
  • JBL K2 Synthesis Hercules System
  • Algolith Mosquito HDMI 3D MPEG Noise Reducer
  • Gefen EXT-HD-441 4 HDMI x1 DVI HD Switcher
  • Key Digital KD-MSW8×3 Component & RGBHV Matrix Switcher
  • JBL K2S1000DG 3-way Dual 10-inch Hercules Center Speakers
  • JBL K2S9800DG 3-way 15-inch Hercules Floorstanding Speakers
  • JBL S1A Dual 8-inch Dipole Ambient THX Surrounds Speakers
  • JBL S1S-EX 18-inch THX Subwoofers

2. The Matrix

Designed by: Genesis Audio

matrix-11 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters

Morpheus said you must see it to believe it, and in this 33 x 19 x 11 ft home theater, seeing it will be no problem. Genesis president, Bill Anderson (Mr. Anderson… coincidence?) and interior designer Lezlie Trujillo created this futuristic Matrix home theater that’s packed full of acoustical products to achieve optimum performance.

This theater was also the winning entry for Cedia’s Electronic Lifestyles Award for Best Home Theater Level V: over $900,000.00. That’s right, this baby cost nearly 1 million dollars to make, but you know it’s totally worth it.

matrix-2-31 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters


  • Runco DTV-1101 Video Projector
  • 4-way Screen by Stewart Filmscreen
  • Faroudja DVP-5000 Video Processor
  • Escient Power Play DVD Management System
  • Revel Surround Sound Speaker System
  • Linn Klimax Mono-Block Power Amplifiers
  • RPG Class A QRD Formedffusor
  • RPG Diffsorptive Binary Amplitude Home Theater Panel

3. Star Wars ‘Death Star’

Designed by: Dillon Works

 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters

Arguably the best Sci-Fi film series ever, Star Wars inspired this awesome home theater that looks like the control deck of the Death Star. Any Star Wars fan will tell you it looks pretty accurate and that’s probably because it was designed by Doug Chiang, the lead designer of Episodes I and II.

Also helping to add some authentic touches were the owners, Vic Wertz and Lisa Stevens, who used to run the Official Star Wars Fan Club. It wasn’t hard for them to get their hands on some Star Wars memorabilia, considering they have a 3,000 square ft museum filled with items like the Millennium Falcon model used in ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ and the lightsaber used by Ewan McGregor in Episode I. Yeah, we’re jealous too.

 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters

 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters


  • Hans Solo in Carbonite Door
  • CinemaTech Valentino Chairs
  • DirecTc HR10-250 HD TiVo
  • Extron SW4 RGBHV RGB Switcher
  • Extron RGB468XT Gaming Interface
  • Creston Theater Remote
  • Lexicon RT-10 Universal DVD Player
  • Meridian DSP8000 Front Speakers
  • Meridian DSP6000 Side & Rear Speakers
  • Meridian DSP5500 HC Center Speaker
  • Meridian 861 Reference Preamp
  • Meridian 800 Reference DVD Player
  • Meridian Audio & Video Cables
  • Pioneer CLD-D704 Laserdisc Player
  • Runco VX5C LT Anamorphic Lens
  • Runco VX5C 3-Chip DLP Projector
  • Runco VX5 Outboard Processor
  • Sony SAT-T60 TiVo
  • Spaun SMS5802NF HD Multiswitch
  • Stewart VeLux DeLux ST130 Screen

4. Kipnis’ Outer Limits

Designed by: Kipnis Studios

kipnis3 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters

It would be impossible to talk about the most amazing, high-tech, out-of-this-world home theaters without salivating over Jeremy Kipnis’ $6,000,000 Outer Limit Home Theater. The grandeur of this elaborate theater isn’t just a reflection of what money can buy but rather a love of video and painstaking attention to detail.

When creating his home theater, Kipnis wanted the “absolute best picture and sound” and refused to compromise on vision. He used only the best, state of the art equipment to create what he believes is the ‘greatest show on earth’, and we have to agree.

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what $6 million can buy, the answer is one ground shaking, ear shattering, kick ass home theater.

kipnis1 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters

kipnis2 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters

kipnis4 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters


  • Sony SRX-S110 Profession Video Projector
  • Stewart 18 x 10 foot Snowmatte 1.0 Gain Laboratory-Grade Motion Picture Screen
  • Pioneer HLD-X0 Hi-Vision HDTV MUSE Laserdisc Player
  • Mark Levinson N° 51 DVD/CD Media Player
  • SATA Drive (72 HDTV Hours Total)
  • JVC HMDH-5U D-VHS Recorder
  • Toshiba HD-Xa1 HD Player
  • Sony PlayStation 3 Gaming Console
  • Sony BDP-S1 Blu-ray Player
  • Theta Digital Generation VIII 32-bit  8x Oversampling Dual Processors
  • Mark Levinson N° 33h Amplifiers
  • Crown Macro Reference Gold Amplifiers
  • McIntosh MC-2102 Amplifiers
  • Snell THX Music & Cinema reference LCR-2800 Center-Channel Speakers
  • MuRata ES103A Super Tweeters
  • Snell THX Music & Cinema Reference Towers
  • Snell 1800 THX Music & Cinema Reference Subwoofers

5. Star Trek USS Enterprise

Designed by: Cinema Design Privee

captainschair1 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters

Gary Sekulow and his wife are two people any trekkie will envy with a deep, fiery passion after seeing their realistic and authentic Star Trek Home Theater. With technical advice from Rick Sternbach, senior illustrator on Star Trek, the Sekulow’s didn’t just throw some paint on the walls and a few buttons here and there.

They actually used real props from Star Trek including two original consoles, backlit graphic panels, wall panels from the USS Enterprise and, probably the most coveted, the Captain’s Chair, to deck out a theater that would make James T. Kirk proud. To really help set the mood, they even added a customized Stardome overhead complete with the Milky Way galaxy and shooting stars.

capchai2 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters

capchair3 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters

capchair4 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters


  • Runco 1100 Ultra 1080P Projector
  • Stewart Curved Micro-Perf 100” screen
  • Denon THX 4800 Receiver
  • Lumagen Vision HDQ Video Processor
  • Monster Reference PowerCenter Line Conditioner HT 32500
  • Motorola DCT 3412 HDTV Receiver
  • Lutron Grafik Eye Light Controllers
  • Toshiba HD-DVD HD-XA2
  • Sony PlayStation 3 with Blu-ray
  • Sony 300 DVD Changer
  • Adcom GFA-2532 Amp
  • Atlanta Technology 378 THX Center Left Right and Sub
  • Triad Surround Bronze in Wall Speakers
  • Crestron 1700 Touchscreen and Controllers
  • Dell Media Center with 5 17-inch LCD Flat Panel Monitor Screens
  • Buttkicker Tactical Sound/LFE Motion Producers

6. The Bat Cave

Designed by: DC Audio Video Systems

batcave2 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters

Aside from Bruce Wayne and Alfred, who else would want to have a bat cave home theater? Why, a retired naturalist, that’s who. DC Audio Video Systems President, Nick Mark, was hired by the retiree to design and build a home theater that looked like a real bat cave.

After spending time researching caves in Vermont, the client thought her theater, already located in her cellar, would be a perfect fit for the nocturnal theme. Complete with fake bats and stalactites hanging from the ceiling, this theater is about as unique as it gets when it comes to home theater themes.

But don’t let the title of ‘retired naturalist’ fool you. She pulled out all the stops and decked this gothic lair out with a $36,000 projector, 8 black, motorized leather recliners and 110” Electriscreen.

batcave1 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters

batcave3-1 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters

batcave4 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters


  • Faroudja DVP5000 Video Processor
  • Rane THX44 for Equalization
  • Triad Silver THX Speakers
  • B&K Reference 50 Audio Processor
  • B&K Reference 7270 Audio Amplifier
  • Motorized 110” 16:9 Electriscreen
  • Extron Matrix Switching and Distribution
  • Pioneer DV79 DVD Player
  • Sony G90 Projector (1080p 2500 x 2000 CRT projector)
  • Crestron STX-1700 Control System
  • Aprilaire Remote Temp and Humidity Sensors to HVAC Control
  • LiteTouch LC5000 System for Lighting Control
  • BTX Custom Manufactured Drapes
  • Active Thermal Management Push-Pull Units for System Cooling
  • Monster Cable UPS and Surge Products for Power Management
  • Monster Cable Custom Patch Cords with Compression Connectors

7. Revenge of the Sith

Designed by: CDGI

sith1 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters

The Force is definitely strong with this ‘Revenge of The Sith’ inspired home theater designed by CDGI in partner with DreamSpace. Owner Steve Simon had originally wanted to convert his garage into a theater themed with his Star Wars memorabilia but soon realized this would not do the epic saga justice, and decided to go to the dark side.

Inspired by the climatic moment when Chancellor Palpatine invites Anakin Skywalker to his office overlooking Imperial City, Steve decided to recreate that infamous red office complete with a 3D rendering of the Imperial City backdrop that can be seen through one of four ‘windows’.

Everything was designed to precise detail and the project became a labor of love that took a year and a half to build. Now that’s a dedicated fan!

sith2 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters

site3 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters

sith4 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters


  • Anthem Statement D2 Processor
  • Anthem P5 Multichannel Amplifier
  • RTI T3 Universal Controller
  • Lutron Grafik Eye Lighting
  • Middle Atlantice AXSX Equipment Ravck
  • Marantz VP11S2 DLP Projector
  • Vutect 103-inch XFH Screen
  • Velodyne DD10 Subwoofer
  • B&W HTM2 Center Channel
  • B&W 802 Front Channels
  • B&W DS8 Side Channels
  • B&W SCMS Rear Surrounds

8. DIY Star Trek

Designed by: Gary Reighn

diy1 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters

It’s pretty easy to design and build an incredible home theater homage to one of the greatest sci-fi series of all time when you’ve got millions of dollars to blow on top-of-the-line equipment, memorabilia and theater designers. But what if you’ve only got $15,000 and your own two hands?

That’s just what Philadelphia homeowner Gary Reighn did when he designed and built this home theater inspired by the Star Trek command bridge. Although this theater isn’t the biggest or the most expensive Star Trek-themed theater out there, it is undoubtedly one of the most impressive considering Gary built it entirely from scratch all by himself.

He crafted all the space-view ports, used $50.00 office recliners (that he customized with cup holders) and even made the 102-inch screen using matte white screen vinyl and steel framing painted black. By building this Star Trek theater, Gary truly went where no man has gone before.

diy2 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters

diy4 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters


  • High Definition Sony LCD Projector (720p resolution)
  • Polk Audio Speakers
  • 12-inch Velodyne Subwoofer
  • Yamaha Received
  • Bravo DVD Player
  • Phillips Pronto Remote
  • Bass Shakers
  • 102-inch Screen.

9. Sci-Fi Tribute

Designed by: Escom

tribute1 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters

Affectionately described as a ‘spaceship transporting dangerous aliens’, Dr. David Winn’s $100,000 home theater is a tribute to all things horror and sci-fi. After collecting movie memorabilia from his favorite horror and space flicks, David decided the logical thing to do was build a 25 x 35 ft home theater to showcase them all.

With portholes to gaze out over the galaxy and a 144-inch screen, there’s certainly a lot to please the eyes, but what makes this theater so unique is the way David recreates a real life horror movie using his full-sized alien killers. With homages to the Predator and the Creature of the Black Lagoon, David has creatures emerging from the ceilings and the couch to give his movie-goers a scare.

He even uses some special effects to make things really chilling, like when the room suddenly fills with steam and an alien lurches out of the wall. This home theater is a blood-curdling, sci-fi wonderland that would make any space junkie drool.

tribute2 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters

tribute3 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters

tribute4 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters

tribute5 9 Out Of This World Home Theaters


  • Devon AVR 4306 7.1 Receiver
  • Monster Power HTS 3600
  • Microsoft Xbox 360
  • Optoma DLP HD2+ Projector
  • Polk 6 Speakers
  • Polk Center-Channel Speaker
  • Sony PlayStation
  • Proficient S12 Subwoofer
  • Toshiba HD DVD Player
  • Yamaha 400 Watt Amplifiers (Side, Front & Center)
  • Yamaha MX55 4-Channel Amplifier
  • Ethernet Hub
  • Laptop with 3Planesoft Screensaver


Lamp Art

March 4, 2009 by Gwen  

Gilles Eichenbaum, also known as Garbage, believes that “Your dustbins have talent”.

Garbage creates fantastical lamps made out of recycled household items. The results are nothing short of spectacular and each lamp is more like a work of art then a functioning piece of furniture. Garbage sees himself as a craftsman first, but I believe that you will see that he is much more than that.

squeezit Lamp Art

swann-brand Lamp Art

12-degres-5 Lamp Art

elise Lamp Art

oursin Lamp Art

milly Lamp Art

More fabulous lamps.

DIY Bling

March 2, 2009 by Gwen  

We love all things DIY at MyBadPad.

And we know that DIYers like to get down and dirty with their latest construction and craft projects. But every once in awhile, even a DIYer needs to get cleaned up and go out into the public light. So when someone sent me a picture of this ‘level’ necklace I got all tingly thinking about what other kinds of DIY bling is out there.

level-necklace1 DIY Bling

I bet you’ll be as surprised as I was when you see the abundance of crafty looking jewelry made specially for tool-loving folks. There’s cufflinks, bracelets, earrings, rings, charms, belt buckles and even a belt made with real tools (that you can use).


Most DIYers don’t feel comfortable in the traditional “monkey” suit. But if you are forced to wear one at least these stylish tool cufflinks can let you express your DIY pride without embarrassing your wife.

caliper-cufflinks1-300x206 DIY Blingtool-cufflinks-300x164 DIY Bling

wrench-cufflinks DIY Bling


Even tool gals need some sparkle and yours will appreciate the fact that you combined her love of jewelery and tools by getting her one of these great looking bracelets.

measuring-tape-cuff-bracelet1-300x256 DIY Bling

wrench-bracelet DIY Blingwrenchbracelet


From small hex nut earrings to dangling tool earrings, one of these sets of earrings is sure to fit your DIY gal’s style.

hex-nut-earrings DIY Bling

wrench-earrings-300x259 DIY Blinghammer-and-saw-earrings-300x300 DIY Bling


This gorgeous wrap-around wrench ring is handmade and can be purchased with or without the coordinating gemstone.

wrench_ring DIY Bling


There are plenty of tool charms available so after a quick search on Google I’m sure you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your special DIYer.

saw-charm-277x300 DIY Blingwrench-charm-300x300 DIY Bling

Belt Buckle

Belt buckles are perfect if you want to add a little DIY bling to your favorite old jeans.

beltbuckles DIY Bling

Tool Belt

Everyone has heard of tool belts before, but this one is special. It can be disassembled to give you access to the tools you need in any situation.

toolbelt-300x152 DIY Bling

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